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Posted on 7/21/2022

Was sold a sick puppy!

I was hesitant on posting reviews on this breeder at this time just because my puppy is still VERY SICK. But I wanted to warn others and share my personal experience. My daughter and I drove to Dallas on Wednesday June 29th to pickup our beautiful puppy. We were both over the moon excited and instantly fell in love with her! But little did we know what was about to unfold, about 30 HOURS later our puppy almost died. She was so sick & she was fighting for her life. Friday morning she was at the vet, where she tested POSITIVE for PARVO! I immediately let the breeder know and they wanted me to return the puppy, and they refused to accept the fact that they sold me a sick puppy. My puppy was so sick, she was hospitalized until she was stable enough to come home to continue this LONG recovery. Unfortunately- ontop of the Parvo- she also has 2 different parasites that are so aggressive and destroying her intestines. For 6 days my puppy has been nothing but sick. Literal projectile diarrhea (at least 8-9 times a day) like around the clock, not wanting to eat or drink, tired, vomiting. Her tiny body is so tired from fighting this. She's on special RX food, as well as 4 different medications. I do not know what type of conditions these puppies were living in because he met me in a parking lot when I went to pick her up, and the videos they sent to me were always taken outside in their driveway. No official paper work was given, and if you want paperwork be ready to pay them $500 ontop of the $2,800 puppy price. These puppies get adopted without a vet ever even seeing them, the vaccines are done in the breeders home by the breeder themselves. I just wanted to put out this warning because I highly doubt any of the new-adopted litter mates families have been notified about this because he refused to admit that he sold me a sick puppy only because she wasn't showing symptoms, he's also assuming no other litter mate puppies are sick, just mine! Its impossible for just 1 puppy to be Parvo + out of her entire litter! This has been financially costly, as well as emotionally exhausting. Please do your homework before considering purchasing from this breeder! UPDATE:: I wanted to give a update on my review: It is now 21 DAYS!! of my puppy being sick. Have not heard from the breeder in weeks to check in with this situation! Any reputable breeder who actually cares would never go MIA like how this breeder has. He knows that he sold me a sick puppy, why else would he have my reveiws removed? Now I know why there aren't many reviews about people being sold sick puppies. It all makes sense now after I seen my Yelp review is gone, as well as the other ones!?

Posted on 12/3/2020

They sell sick dogs!!

BEWARE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!! if you are looking to purchase a bulldog do your homework and look for a reputable breeder. Do not be fooled by the puppy pictures on his facebook & website. He offers a warranty but means absolutely nothing. The warranty is just a selling tool they use to entice potential victims. We paid $2600 for a sick dog with no AKC papers. It only came with vaccination records and instructions on how to care for a bulldog. He said if we wanted the akc papers i would have to pay an additional $500. I asked to see the parents but he said the parents were an hour away in Waco,Texas at his parents home. He provided two pictures of the parents but one of the pictures looked like a photoshop he got from the internet. We purchased the dog on Saturday 11/21/2020 in the parking lot of Eldorado & Tollway next to Whataburger. The pup seemed healthy at the time of the purchase, but on the way home my daughter noticed a runny nose and congestion. I told her it was normal because of how bulldogs breathe, so i thought. By Sunday morning the symptoms got worse. The pup developed a light cough, diarrhea and was having a hard time breathing with a green mucus coming out his nose. Sunday morning he contacted us by a text message to see how the dog was doing, we told him he was sick. He tolds us to meet him back at the same parking lot, he said if not treated asap the bulldog could develope pneumonia. He gave the puppy a shot and sent us home with a pink liquid in a plastic sandwich bag, he said it was an antibiotic. Since it was on a Sunday all the Vet clinics were closed. We called Monday but couldn't scheduled anything until Tuesday evening because all the clinics in our area were fully booked.. Monday night my wife called and spoke to the guys wife, Nina. She advised my wife not to say anything to Veterinarian about the vaccine they administered  because according to her the Vet could decline medical attention if he finds out the dog was treated prior to the visit. I was fine with everything and i was willing to cover all the medical bills until our other dogs got sick from the same virus the bulldog came home with. Four days later our two yorkies developed a runny nose, congestion, vomiting and diarrhea. We took them both to the Vet and they were given antibiotics. The vet bill for the pair was $220. We called back to ask if they could cover at least that bill. They refused like i thought they would. He told my wife he gave us a healthy dog. All the conversations were audio recorded were they admitted the dog was sick. We didn't ask for a refund and took care of all the bulldog vet bills with no problem. All we asked for was for him to take responsibility for the yorkies Vet bills since the bulldog brought the virus home and was sick from day one. CHECK OUT THE BAD REVIEWS FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS!