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Yolanda Novoa Immigration Consultant

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Immigration and Naturalization Consultants

2305 East 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
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(562) 435-5555

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Proud member since 01/26/2009
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Yolanda Novoa Immigration Consultant is an immigration consultant specializing in a wide range of services, including travel, tax preperation and more.

Primary Contact: Yolanda Novoa (Owner)
Business Started: 2/26/1991
About Yolanda Novoa Immigration Consultant

With over 26 years of dedication to satisfy our clients´ needs, our firm has the depth of knowledge, the resources and experience to offer you the following services.

Yolanda's Multiservices include:

Real Estate
Extensive Immigration services
Income Tax Preparations
Notary Public
Wedding Minister/Wedding Officiant
Travel Agency

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California law requires companies that assist clients with the process of immigration to the United States to be licensed and bonded. A consulting service can only provide non-legal services, such as; filling out forms; assistance with obtaining supporting documents; or providing translation services. Only an attorney can provide legal advice.

Immigration document preparers, commonly referred to as “immigration consultants” must be registered, and post a $50,000 bond with the California Secretary of State. To confirm an individual has met these requirements, consumers may contact the Secretary of State, by writing to the Secretary of State, Special Filings, P O Box 942877, Sacramento, CA 94277, by calling Special Filings at (916) 653-3984, or visit the website at

For businesses outside of California, please check with the agency that regulates this industry.

As of our last verification this company's Immigration Consultant Surety Bond is Active with the California Secretary of State. For the most up-to-date information regarding registration, consumers may contact the California Secretary of State.

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Comments and Analysis

An immigration consultant gives non-legal assistance or advice on immigration matters. The type of assistance may include: completing forms provided by state or federal agencies, translating a person's answers to questions in those forms, securing for a person supporting documents such as birth certificates, submitting completed forms, or making referrals to persons who could undertake legal representation for a person in an immigration matter.

Immigration consultants are required to provide with a written contract. The contract shall describe the services to be performed, contain a statement that they are not an attorney and may not perform legal services that an attorney performs, and list the documents to be prepared by the consultant including which agencies they will be filed with and the approximate processing times. The provisions of the contract must be in English and in the client’s native language. Contracts shall provide for the client to have the right to rescind the contract within 72 hours after signing the contract.

For businesses outside of California, please check with the agency that regulates this industry.

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