Posted: 10 Sep 2015

Used Car Buyers Bill Of Rights

The Used Car Buyer's Bill of Rights effective July 1, 2006 provides consumers with more legal rights when they buy a car.

Posted: 01 Jan 1900

Arbitration Under California's "Lemon Law"

Federal and State laws set forth requirements for manufacturers of consumer goods that carry the manufacturer's express warranty. One of these is that the manufacturer must either replace the product or reimburse the consumer for it if, after a reasonable number of attempts, they do not service or repair it so that it conforms to the warranty.

This requirement applies to motor vehicles as well as to other products and is in force during the entire period of the warranty, whatever that may be.

However, in the case of new motor vehicles that are within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of their warranty, California law is more ...

Posted: 01 Jul 2000

Automobile Insurance: Shopping, Buying, and Using It

Because all states require that you have the ability to pay for damage you may cause with your automobile if you're going to drive, you will probably, like most of us, fulfill that obligation by buying automobile insurance. If you do, you must buy at least the minimum amount of coverage the law requires. This report applies to auto insurance under California law.

Posted: 01 Apr 2000

Automotive Repair And Your Rights

Having service or repairs done on your car can be an experience ranging from bewildering to shocking. You may have no idea what the problem is if your car breaks down, and you may be apprehensive about having it repaired by a shop you know nothing about.

Posted: 01 May 1994

Buying a Car When Financing Falls Through

You brought your new car home, thinking that the dealer (or you) would be able to obtain financing for it. You can't. Now the dealer says he can't either and that you'll have to sign a new contract, at a higher interest rate, a larger down payment, or both. What do you do?

Posted: 01 Jun 1999

Leasing a Car

The ideal candidate for a car or truck lease is someone who wants to drive a new vehicle every two or three years. Leasing can help this person realize lower monthly car payments and a minimal or no down payment, lower maintenance and repair costs, as well as not having to be concerned with the reselling the car.

While that may describe the ideal candidate, the actual candidate is often more likely to be someone who finds a lease attractive because of the first two of those benefits ...

Posted: 01 May 2007

Tow Truck Trauma

Know your rights when your car is towed.

Better Business Bureau files abound with consumer complaints against towing companies. These complaints arise almost exclusively when a car is towed without the owner's knowledge from what s/he believed was a lawful place to park. Common allegations include those of towing without reason or authorization ...

Posted: 10 Sep 2015

Used Car Warranties, Implied Warranties, and "As Is" Sales

Under the Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule, all sellers of used cars (except private owners) are required to place a "Buyers Guide" sticker in the window of their used cars, light-duty vans, and light-duty trucks. This Buyers Guide tells you whether the vehicle comes with a warranty, and, if so, which systems are covered, for how long, and what percent of repair costs the dealer will pay.

Posted: 13 Nov 2014

What You Should Know About Vehicle Repossession

If you're buying a car, truck, or some other vehicle on credit and you fail to make your payments on time, your vehicle could be repossessed. If you find yourself in a position where this could happen, there are, first, some steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of repossession. Also, you have rights when your vehicle is repossessed, and you should know what these are.