Posted: 03 Mar 2014

Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation

If you find your personal debt load unmanageable, whether for reasons such as job loss, a new baby, divorce, or something else, you may find yourself no longer able to make payments on all that you owe, let alone afford the cost of some minor or major emergency. In such a case, it may be tempting to ignore overdue notices or calls from collection agencies in the hope that you'll soon be able to resume your payments. It's important, though, to realize that ignoring your creditors can result in damage to your credit rating.

Posted: 06 Nov 2009

Foreclosure Frauds and Fixes

Whenever real estate values decline and market conditions are as they are now, the possibility exists that many homeowners will owe more on their home than the home is worth. If you find yourself facing foreclosure, you may receive a notice in the mail or a visitor at your door, or you may seek assistance on the internet, from a company that tells you that they can “STOP FORE­CLOSURE NOW.” Typically these foreclosure consultants offer to purchase your home, assist with back taxes or mortgage payments, or negotiate with your lender to obtain a repayment plan from your mort­gage company. Often solicitors or solicitations may imply an affiliation to your mortgage company or to a government agency.

Posted: 01 Nov 2008

Should You File Bankruptcy?

Even the affluent can experience financial troubles if a layoff, divorce, disability, or a death in the family occurs. The bankruptcy system is administered under federal law and is designed to help overburdened consumers resolve their debt problems and gain a financial fresh start.

Posted: 28 Jan 2016

Credit Repair

Bad credit is a frustrating obstacle that many find themselves having a hard time to get over. For many drowning in debt the services of a credit repair service may appear to be a lifesaver. However, there are some businesses that make grand claims but fail to deliver. Consumers should know there is no quick fix to improving your credit. This resource guide will help you identify your rights when it comes to credit, provide information on what credit repair companies can and cannot do for you, signs to identify a credit repair scam, and steps to take to protect yourself.