Posted: 01 May 2004

Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Federal law requires that commercial email senders must clearly identify their email as solicitations or advertisements. Such email must contain a legitimate return email address and the sender's postal address.

Posted: 01 Aug 1992

Small Claims Court

Small claims courts can be an effective, low-cost means of resolving disputes. In a small claims court action, a plaintiff files a complaint, and the defendant is served with a copy and allowed 30 days to respond to it. Whether the defendant responds or not, the judge will conduct a hearing on the matter. No attorneys are involved (in fact, an attorney is not allowed to represent you in court), and filing fees and service costs are minimal and are awarded to the party in whose favor the judge rules.

Posted: 21 Dec 2016

Immigration Assistance and Tips to Avoid Immigration Scams

It is vital to obtain immigration advice and assistance from the right source. Find out ways to spot immigration scams and where to get assistance in this helpful resource guide.