Posted: 01 Apr 2001

Lasik Surgery

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) surgery is one type of surgical procedure employed to correct refractive errors (that is, vision problems caused by the way light bends and focuses on the retina) caused by an imperfectly shaped cornea. It uses a computer-controlled laser to permanently reshape the cornea to improve the blurred or distorted vision these refractive errors cause.

Posted: 01 Feb 1999

Dating & Matchmaking Services

If you want to find a partner for fun, companionship, a long-term relationship, or marriage, where should you go? Can a high-priced dating or introduction service give you something better than you can get by placing an ad in the classifieds of a newspaper? What about a not-so-high priced service?

Posted: 19 Dec 2016

Gift Cards

A gift card can be the perfect gift. They are easy to shop for, oftentimes convenient to find, and can be purchased for virtually anything. Before you shop for a gift card, check out this handy guide for helpful information and tips on buying and using gift cards.

Posted: 01 Mar 1999

Living Trusts

A living trust allows an individual to ensure that his wishes regarding distribution of his property will be carried out upon his death, and, at the same time, to spare his heirs the inconvenience and expense of probate.

Posted: 01 Jul 1997

Direct and Automatic Debiting

Direct debiting is a means of debiting (charging) your bank account based on information you give over the phone. The procedure may be attractive to you if you don't have or don't want to use a credit card or don't want to write and mail a check to pay for whatever you're buying.

Posted: 01 Nov 2009

Home Equity Purchasers and Forclosure Consultants

The California Legislature has found that, in many cases, homeowners whose homes are in fore­closure are defrauded by home equity purchasers who induce them (especially the poor, elderly, and financially unsophisticated) to sell their homes for a fraction of their fair market values. Their schemes often involve oral and written misrepresentations, deceit, and intimidation.

Posted: 01 Feb 2010

Credit Cards: The New Rules

Consumers who don't pay off their entire credit card balance each month can end up in snowballing debt. Congress passed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 in an effort to even the playing field for cardholders.

Posted: 25 Oct 2013

Your Rights With Prepaid Rental Listing Services

For someone looking for housing for rent, classified ads in newspapers are a frequently-used source of information.  Sometimes, though, calling the number of a rental that sounds good may lead to a salesman, not a landlord, who offers to sell a list of rentals.

Posted: 13 May 2014

Investing in Gold

Gold investments are risky and there are no guarantees of profit. Buyers can lose most of their investment if they become a victim of fraudulent sales practices. Before making a decision to invest, consider the various types of gold products available and the type of risks involved.

Posted: 13 May 2014

Mobile Cramming

If you have ever noticed unauthorized charges on your phone bill, you may be a victim of phone cramming. Identify warning signs and review tips to reduce the risk of mobile cramming.

Posted: 27 Jan 2014

Refunds, Exchanges, and Disputes

The California Civil Code provides that retail merchants must conspicuously display their refund and exchange policies in certain circumstances.

Posted: 03 Mar 2014

Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation

If you find your personal debt load unmanageable, whether for reasons such as job loss, a new baby, divorce, or something else, you may find yourself no longer able to make payments on all that you owe, let alone afford the cost of some minor or major emergency. In such a case, it may be tempting to ignore overdue notices or calls from collection agencies in the hope that you'll soon be able to resume your payments. It's important, though, to realize that ignoring your creditors can result in damage to your credit rating.

Posted: 28 Feb 2014

Online Dating Services and Internet Dating

If you are looking for love, online dating may appeal to you. There are countless dating services available on the internet, but which one may be right for you? What precautions should you take? If you are careful, online dating may land you the mate you have been looking for.

Posted: 04 Apr 2014

Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. Taking the time to identify what identity theft is, recognizing the warning signs, learning preventative measures to guard your information, and knowing what you can do if you have been victimized may help ward off thieves and or recover from the act.

Posted: 14 Jul 2014

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become extremely popular with smartphone, tablet, and mobile device users. People all around the world download apps daily for everything from finding a restaurant, checking movie times, playing games, or reading books, to more serious things like mobile banking, managing accounts, checking stocks, etc. With more and more apps added daily, it’s important to know how mobile apps work and what you are agreeing to when you click that install button.

Posted: 31 Jul 2014

Work-At-Home Schemes

These kinds of work-at-home offers can be found on the Internet, in email solicitations, or in the help wanted sections of newspapers and other publications. They are often listed under headings like "Help Wanted," "Money-Making Opportunities," "Business Opportunities" and "Business Personals". They tell readers that they can earn a large amount of money with as little time invested as they choose with offers to stuff envelopes, assemble products, or invest in business opportunities. Most never deliver on those promises of high earnings with little work.

Posted: 11 Sep 2014

Payday Loans

Payday loans are commonly advertised as a quick fix to help with emergency situations such as unexpected auto repairs or to pay bills. Unfortunately these high rate, short-term loans can be very costly. Counting the cost before applying for a payday advance can help you avoid becoming entangled in a cycle of debt.

Posted: 29 Sep 2014

Advance Fee Loans

Advertised on the radio and TV, on the internet, and in newspaper ads, Advance fee loan offers appeal to the people who need it most--those who can't get loans from conventional sources. Advance fee loan companies offer a ray of hope but are almost sure to leave the borrower worse off than before.

Posted: 13 Nov 2014

What You Should Know About Vehicle Repossession

If you're buying a car, truck, or some other vehicle on credit and you fail to make your payments on time, your vehicle could be repossessed. If you find yourself in a position where this could happen, there are, first, some steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of repossession. Also, you have rights when your vehicle is repossessed, and you should know what these are.

Posted: 17 Nov 2014

Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shopping or secret shopping can be a great way to earn extra money. Many retailers, restaurants, or other businesses use mystery shoppers to check on how the business performs. Although there are legitimate mystery shopping offers, unfortunately, there are just as many, if not more, mystery shopping scams. Here are some tips if you are considering a mystery shopping assignment.

Posted: 01 Aug 2014

Tax Preparers

If you've never used a tax preparer before (or even if you have), you may feel you need a course in how to choose one. How can you tell one tax preparer from another, and how do you know which one you need? What else should you know about tax preparers?

Posted: 23 Jan 2015

Avoiding Mortgage Relief Scams

If you find yourself facing foreclosure or fall behind on making your mortgage payment, you may be contacted by or seek the services of a company that claims they can “STOP FORE­CLOSURE NOW” or offers other mortgage relief assistance. Knowing the tell-tale signs of a scam can save you time, money, and maybe even your home.

Posted: 26 Feb 2015

Avoiding Resale Scams

If you are approached with a business opportunity to resell designer items, it is probably best to reconsider taking up this work-at-home offer. What may appear to be an ideal way to make extra money can end up costing. Scammers are on the prowl for unsuspecting consumers to take the bait.

Posted: 10 Sep 2015

Used Car Warranties, Implied Warranties, and "As Is" Sales

Under the Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule, all sellers of used cars (except private owners) are required to place a "Buyers Guide" sticker in the window of their used cars, light-duty vans, and light-duty trucks. This Buyers Guide tells you whether the vehicle comes with a warranty, and, if so, which systems are covered, for how long, and what percent of repair costs the dealer will pay.

Posted: 10 Sep 2015

Used Car Buyers Bill Of Rights

The Used Car Buyer's Bill of Rights effective July 1, 2006 provides consumers with more legal rights when they buy a car.

Posted: 28 Jan 2016

Credit Repair

Bad credit is a frustrating obstacle that many find themselves having a hard time to get over. For many drowning in debt the services of a credit repair service may appear to be a lifesaver. However, there are some businesses that make grand claims but fail to deliver. Consumers should know there is no quick fix to improving your credit. This resource guide will help you identify your rights when it comes to credit, provide information on what credit repair companies can and cannot do for you, signs to identify a credit repair scam, and steps to take to protect yourself.

Posted: 22 Mar 2016

Recognizing Prize Scams

Winning a prize can be a dream come true. But falling for a prize scam can cost you money, time, and your security. Check out ways to identify a prize scam and tips to protect yourself.

Posted: 21 Dec 2016

Immigration Assistance and Tips to Avoid Immigration Scams

It is vital to obtain immigration advice and assistance from the right source. Find out ways to spot immigration scams and where to get assistance in this helpful resource guide.

Posted: 02 Feb 2017

Money Transfer Services

Many people use money transfer services as a convenient way to get funds to someone you know. Scammers know that money transfers are a quick way for them to get money without detection. Find out some common scams crooks use money transfer services for and how to avoid them.

Posted: 15 Sep 2017

Buying Plans

Buying plans offer free or discounted products and services for a membership fee. Before joining a buying plan you should evaluate the offer and make sure it is not a scam. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide on joining a buying plan.