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  • Marinello’s Cuts Courses—Announces Campus Closures
    Marinello’s Cuts Courses—Announces Campus Closures

    Posted: 2/8/2016

    Marinello Schools of Beauty (Marinello) announced they are closing all 56 of its campuses located in California, Nevada, Utah, Connecticut, and Kansas. The announcement comes just days after the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) cut off federal student aid for 23 Marinello campuses in California an...Read more

  • Travelers Urged to Renew Expiring Passports NOW!
    Travelers Urged to Renew Expiring Passports NOW!

    Posted: 2/4/2016

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  • Scammers Phishing to Con EMV Card Users
    Scammers Phishing to Con EMV Card Users

    Posted: 1/27/2016

    Consumers are being warned to look out for scams involving EMV credit cards. While the new credit cards equipped with a chip are meant to combat growing credit card fraud issues, scammers are using an age-old method to defraud consumers—phishing scams....Read more

  • PayPal to Pay $4 Million to Settle Class Action Suit
    PayPal to Pay $4 Million to Settle Class Action Suit

    Posted: 1/20/2016

    PayPal users may be able to claim part of the $4 million class action settlement the company reached to settle allegations that it improperly handled disputed transactions on PayPal accounts, improperly placed holds and reserves on accounts, or closed or suspended accounts. If you had an active PayP...Read more

  • Insurance Considerations for Drone Operators
    Insurance Considerations for Drone Operators

    Posted: 1/15/2016

    Recently the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) made it a requirement to register drones or unmanned aircrafts weighing up to 55 lbs. This holiday season, more than one million drones were sold. With so many of these small aircrafts taking flight, there are a number of reasons to look into insu...Read more


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  • Optima Tax Relief, LLC

    When I first got in touch with them I was in tears due to the way the people at the IRS made me feel, but as soon as I got in touch with Optima I began to feel better. I didn't deal with just one person but I was given help by a whole group of perso... Read More »

  • Pedro the House Doctor

    Firstly, he lied about being licensed and bonded on the contract, he is not, and therefore a fraud. He did not complete his work under contract. Contract was $20k for 5 weeks of labor, it was itemized and we both signed it. We paid him $16k by week 3... Read More »

  • Spokane Emergency Physicians

    I was seen in the Emergency room 12-10-15 it is now 2-7-16. I received a bill from Bonded adjustment company for services received. This was a auto accident and NEVER billed to my auto insurance. The hospital managed to bill and be paid with the very... Read More »

  • MG Pools

    This guy is running a total scam!!! His business license expired in 2010, but he masquerades as a bonded, licensed, and insured pool guy who has been running his own pool company since he graduated high school! The true story is that he branched out ... Read More »

  • Greenlight Loans

    Thank you both-Paul Lee & Jenny Vo. I am pleased with the service you both provided.... Read More »