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    Imposter Scam Targeting Spanish Speaking Community Shut Down

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    Kim’s Catch: Dean Howard Properties

    Posted: 5/11/2017

    Dean Howard Properties (DHP) is making the rounds, offering to sell their timeshares to timeshare owners with property in Mexico. The company makes offers that are more than ideal and some owners are enticed to sign contracts with DHP. They initially claim owners will have no out-of-pocket expenses....Read more


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  • Nuvia Water Technologies Inc.

    The customer service was excellent and very helpful. We feel better drinking water knowing that it is good, clean water and it taste good, too. Clean water is important when having kids. We chose Nuvia Water because they are an excellent company.... Read More »

  • Saber Legal Group, P.C.

    These poeple are as sorry as they come, they do nothing but lie. Please save your money, because these poeple will take it & never do what they say. They never call you back or return your calls once you have paid them. They have blocked my Number so... Read More »

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