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    Previous Kim’s Catch Schemer Gets Netted

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  • Optima Tax Relief, LLC

    Before contacting Optima Tax Relief I was in full destressed about a tax issue that I couldn't resolve on my own. I researched their bussiness to ensure they were a reputable company. My initial comtact with a representative put me at ease. The re... Read More »

  • Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

    This time we've had it!.We have been to this location boo koos of times some good and some not so good experiences. However today was utterly RIDICULOUS. We asked to be sat close to the door since my husband is disabled and they did try to suit us in... Read More »

  • AutoNation Honda 385

    I went on to find out why my check in light was on. After waiting 3 hours I was told it would cost $2000 and take 2 hours to do. I saw my car parked in the exit lane. After paying my bill for having the problem diagnosed, the employee told to have a ... Read More »

  • Verizon Communications

    My husband and I have been good customers of Verizon for 24 years! We have had the usual problems of phone outages, a squirrel eating thru a wire, but for the most part our land line worked. About a year ago we started getting phone calls about the ... Read More »

  • Burger King

    This business offers a play place for the younger children to enjoy while also eating. Today my family and I stopped in and ordered our food. As we sat down to wait on our order up my son notices this play area which indeed had three other children p... Read More »