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  • Department Of Education Urged to Act on Behalf of Distressed Students
    Department Of Education Urged to Act on Behalf of Distressed Students

    Posted: 6/21/2017

    Approximately 27,000 former students of Corinthian Colleges have been approved to have their student loans forgiven, but have yet to see their loans discharged. In April 2015, Corinthian Colleges shut down several of its campuses. This left thousands of students wondering how to deal with their stud...Read more

  • Family Emergency Scams
    Family Emergency Scams

    Posted: 6/14/2017

    Imagine getting a call from a loved one saying they have been in an accident or detained by the police and need your help. They tell you they need you to wire money right away to get out of a bind. Feelings of panic, despair, and the need to do whatever it takes to help that person takes over. But b...Read more

  • Leighton Ward Arrested—Facing Felony Fraud Charges
    Leighton Ward Arrested—Facing Felony Fraud Charges

    Posted: 6/9/2017

    Leighton Lionel Ward, manager and operator of The Advocacy for Consumer Rights (TAFCR) was arrested May 4, 2017, on allegations of fraud. Ironically, Ward solicits distressed home owners offering to file lawsuits against their mortgage company for contract fraud. Charging thousands of dollars up-fro...Read more

  • Employee Spotlight: June 2017
    Employee Spotlight: June 2017

    Posted: 6/9/2017

    Our Employee of the Month for June 2017 is Raychel Parris, who is a member of our Customer Service team....Read more

  • Imposter Scam Targeting Spanish Speaking Community Shut Down
    Imposter Scam Targeting Spanish Speaking Community Shut Down

    Posted: 5/16/2017

    The Federal Trade Commission obtained an Order to shut down California-based companies, ABC Hispana, Inc. and ISB Latino, Inc. from engaging in imposter scams that primarily targeted Spanish speaking individuals. The operation used telemarketers in Peru to solicit consumers and sell instructional ma...Read more


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