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Recent Reviews

  • Pincity

    I have been trying to make phone calls without success. When you call customer service 800 number, it went into a black hole. is the company out of business or something? It still collected my money recently. But I can't make a call at all. None of ... Read More »

  • Mike Berg Electric

    Mike was very knowledgeable and very respectful! He did a great job and I have used him on another job since. You would not be disappointed if you hire him. He will be the only electrician I will use in the area!... Read More »

  • Judge Jude James

    Very shady whom sending me a large amount of money I mean i do believe in blessing and am in need. But it don't sould real. My mary Carroll... Read More »

  • The Bouqs Company

    My Mom loved her Mother's Day Rose Bouquet. There was such a vibrant selection of colors and the flowers themselves looked fresh. Not like the ones you usually get that look like they have been sitting in a fridge for a week. Definitely will be order... Read More »

  • Best Night Inn

    Bed and roaches issue, was given spray we refused to stay,the establishment refused to refund our money.... Read More »