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Mediation #98765698

After I cancelled further delivery of a cosmetic product, the company withdrew a payment from my bank account. I called the company that same day to request a refund and to remind them that I had cancelled three months ago.... Read More »

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  • THREE Oak Steakhouse

    I experienced what I believed to be discrimination at the hands of this establishment. I tried booking a reservation and was told that there was no availability numerous times only to have a friend call and not only be handled in an extremely more po... Read More »

  • Burger King

    I was in the Oxford Burger King eating my my food an employee asked me a question, the manager jumping him by yelling at him in front of me, I found that really unprofessional his first name is Leonard he's a manager in uptown Oxford. I do not choose... Read More »

  • CVS Pharmacy #5136

    My complaint is against the pharmacy department address is 11398 quail roost dr, Miami fl.33157 store # 5136. The technician Ika which she possible gave me an alias name was very rude and disrespectful when I tried to ask her a question. I want a wr... Read More »

  • Travel Inn

    Went to get a room and the woman there looked at me in discuss I filled out the paper work, with her looking at me through the glass still with a look on her face like she was discussed. She gave me a key then told me to give it back then threw my mo... Read More »