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  • North Idaho Rental company

    Very unprofessional!! Beware of doing business with this company the owner Julie yelled in my face numerous times and I was always early with my rent and took very good care of the house. They are crooked on refunding deposits as well. I don't recom... Read More »

  • PuppySpot.com

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  • Clear Way Health

    I walked in feeling nervous and apprehensive about the treatment and I left feeling relieved and lighter on my feet. The treatment room was very warm and cozy. Very private and safe environment. I didn't have to worry about "what to do" as I was g... Read More »

  • Michael Zadoyen Income Tax & Bookkeeping

    Michael filed business taxes under my name without my consent or knowledge I don’t even know how he looks like complete this business is a complete fraud my suggestion find another tax account he’ll a five year can do better than him... Read More »