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    New Protections for Prepaid Account Users

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    Scammers Prey On Disabled

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    Got a Bad Review? Learn How the Consumer Review Fairness Act Affects Businesses

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    Kim’s Catch: RushCard

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    RushCard, owned by UniRush LLC, and one of the many businesses operated by music/entertainment mogul Russell Simmons, has received plenty of backlash from customers as of late. Distraught consumers have turned to Business Consumer Alliance to beg for help getting access to their funds...Read more

  • California Businesses Must Comply with All Gender Bathroom Laws
    California Businesses Must Comply with All Gender Bathroom Laws

    Posted: 1/5/2017

    Assembly Bill 1732, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September 2016, becomes effective March 1, 2017. California employers will need to comply with this legislation that requires all single-occupancy bathrooms to be identified as “all gender” and available to all persons, regardless of gender or gender...Read more


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  • Optima Tax Relief, LLC

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    I want this dealer shut do before he puts a family and there loved one in danger or gets someone killed... Read More »

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  • Affordable Technology, Inc.

    Save your money and time. Camera constantly goes out. Customer service is horrible. You cannot cancel your contract! If you move, you restart your contact instead of continuing your current one. They mess up your information and have the wrong sec... Read More »

  • Elco Administrative Services

    This is the worse company I have ever heard of! They lie they make you think they are working for you then you get a bill. They have been and are still telling me they are working for me. They are not even a insurance company they work for enterprise... Read More »