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  • McDonald's

    I have called 3 time's and every time someone keeps hanging up and there very rude.... Read More »

  • Seven Oaks Sprinkler

    I have used Seven Oaks Sprinkler for over 18 years and was always pleased with his service, until recently. I have referred MORGAN CORDER with SEVEN OAKS SPRINKLERS TO NUMEROUS FRIEND over the years ... but due to an inappropriate action action afte... Read More »

  • Oklahoma Joe's Smokers

    I purchased a smoker for my wife's anniversary present. The $450+ dollar model. The electric starter on the gas grill failed after 2 or 3 uses. For something that cost $450+ to fail so soon is absurd and certainly my experience contradicts any claims... Read More »

  • United Airlines

    I'm disable person asked for wheel chair, they told me to stand like at machine for ticket. I'm unable to stand for period of time on one leg. I fell a couple of times, I all reviewed was attended. No help. If could I would not gave them no star. Wor... Read More »

  • The Bouqs Company

    The flowers are always very pretty. They don't require a local florist. You know where they flowers came from. The flowers last a long time. They are a little more expensive but it is worth it for me to know they are sustainably grown.... Read More »