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Get Help Collecting Unpaid Invoices

You've completed a project for a client who's being less than cooperative about paying on time. Now what?

Collection agencies can be costly since they retain a portion of what they recover, effectively giving your customer an unwarranted discount on your services as a reward for paying late. Litigating can be even more expensive, and the process may take years to get you the payment you're owed.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) members have a trusted partner to turn to for help. Join the BCA family today to experience the advantages of our arbitration services.

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How Unpaid Invoices Can Impact Your Business

Unpaid customer invoices can present financial challenges to your business beyond the sum of the invoice. The impact can waterfall and include:

  • Late charges on vendor accounts for materials or services.
  • Interest fees and late payment fees on business credit lines.
  • Time lost on unproductive debt recovery.

Ways Members Currently Use This Service

Members reach out to their representatives and relay details about their unpaid invoices to start the process. Sometimes a customer needs a third-party reminder to spur them on, so BCA generates a courtesy demand letter on our members' behalf. Our letters have performed exceptionally well for members in the past. BCA provides this service as a free member-exclusive benefit, and we don't retain any of the recovered funds.

Overview of Business Membership Program

At BCA, we know your business success relies on effective debt collection. That's why these services are some of the most popular benefits among our members — you'll save time and money when you avoid litigation with our courtesy demand letters.

We also offer advice on more than just how to collect unpaid invoices from customers. Other benefits you have access to as a BCA member include:

  • Advertising and marketing programs: The BCA sponsored listing program provides opportunities for you to edge out your competition and set your company and its services apart.
  • Free legal advice: Get the legal guidance you need for your small business, including contract and insurance reviews, asset protection advice, and government compliance recommendations with our legal advice program.
  • Review-building process: BCA members enjoy exclusive access to our customer review program, allowing you to craft a positive reputation from previous projects.
  • Human resource and business advice: Consult with experts for guidance on your business and HR topics to review best practices and maintain compliance.
  • Arbitration program: Prevent costly litigation while protecting your privacy and good name with BCA's arbitration program. Our network of attorneys conducts phone hearings for quick and binding resolutions.

Trust BCA for Invoice Collection Guidance

When you need a partner to help your business recover debt, turn to BCA. We've provided operations advice for small businesses for over 25 years for as little as $1 a day. Take advantage of our expertise and more exclusive benefits by applying for membership today. You can deduct your annual BCA membership fees to reduce your taxes, too!

Have questions about what else BCA can do for you? Contact a membership specialist online for additional information.


Alejandra Marquez, Owner
Infinity Copper Plumbing, Inc.
We love the service that BCA provides regarding the courtesy letters. It saves us time from having to deal with a customer that isn't being cooperative and/or meeting the contract guidelines.

Dale Hendrix, Office Manager
Plateau Pest Solutions
We would like to say that BCA has been doing an excellent job with helping us with our outstanding customer balances. Plateau Pest Solutions highly recommends BCA to any business owner in need of support to make their company become more successful and efficient. We give BCA a five star rating. Thanks for all your help.

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