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Protect Your Business with Arbitration

As a business, you may have had to file a lawsuit at one time or another to settle a controversy or collect money from one of your customers. We can help you collect from a customer or resolve any dispute arising out of a contract by using our arbitration program.

Arbitration is recognized by the courts as a legal alternative to litigation. Essentially, it’s a legal process outside the court system that doesn’t require lawyers or legal knowledge. An arbitrator (typically a private attorney) will hear the dispute and issue a written decision which can, if necessary, be entered as a judgment in a court of law.

We’ll take care of the paperwork for you and the hearing will take place over the phone, so you won't even have to leave your home or office. The process is simple, without all the formalities of the courts, and without the assistance of a lawyer. Best of all, this program is free to members of BCA.

Benefits of Arbitration

  • Saves you money by avoiding expensive attorney fees and court costs. As most business people know, attorney fees alone will often exceed the amount of the underlying dispute.
  • Arbitration proceedings are private and decisions of an arbitrator will not appear in public records or on your credit report.
  • Disputes are resolved quickly. Unlike lawsuits which can take years to resolve, arbitration can be concluded in a matter of months.

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