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Arbitration Program for Members

When disputes arise in business, arbitration is a legal way to resolve potential issues without the costs and time involved in litigation. At Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), we offer arbitration programs for small businesses, helping our members avoid the extra costs and lengthy process of court proceedings. The BCA solution protects your business privacy by providing an attorney to hear and settle your case with a phone call.

Problems That Arbitration Programs Can Solve for Your Business

As a legal method of alternative dispute resolution, arbitration can solve challenges like:

  • A customer lawsuit against a business.
  • Non-payment of customer invoices.
  • Disputes from vendor and project contracts.

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Areas Where We Can Provide Insight

Members enjoy the benefits of arbitration services across many business types.

Arbitration Clause

Courts recognize arbitration as a legal and alternative form of dispute resolution.  With the arbitration clause in your contracts, it binds both parties to use arbitration instead of the expensive and time-consuming court systems, which are already heavily burdened.  BCA will provide you the arbitration clause to use in your contracts for free and it is enforceable for any business in the state of California.

Exclusive California Contractors Benefit

As a contractor in California, you maintain a license in good standing with the California State Licensing Board (CSLB). While the CSLB offers arbitration services for its registrants, public disclosure is possible. Repeated arbitration cases in a short period can also adversely impact your license standing. Under BCA's arbitration program, your business information remains private and doesn't affect your CSLB license.

Other Small Businesses

Members from other fields can take advantage of our arbitration services, too! Our network of private attorneys has experience arbitrating contract disputes of all types. If your business depends on consumer transactions or B2B contracts to operate successfully, BCA's arbitration program is your solution when disputes arise.

Overview of Business Membership Program

The value of BCA's arbitration services for businesses comes from the time and money our program saves small business owners. You get peace of mind knowing that we'll help you reach a resolution quickly and out of the public eye.

With membership, you can also take advantage of other helpful benefits:

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BCA offers unparalleled value to businesses of all sizes, and we've been doing it for over 25 years. As a BCA member, you have access to our arbitration program along with our other exclusive benefits for as little as $1 a day. Annual membership fees are also tax-deductible. Safeguard your business reputation and privacy by joining the BCA family or contact a representative to learn more today.

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