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Business and HR Advice for Contractors

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) provides business and HR advice for contractors in California and Texas. Sign up for a BCA membership today for HR advice and numerous other benefits.

Problems You Can Solve With Our Contractor Support Program

As a contractor, you need to be aware of HR compliance regulations to provide a safe work environment. Small business owners and contractors often lack the resources to hire an in-house HR lead or handle it alone. Luckily, BCA can help.

Our team will help you decipher the requirements for contractors and employees — along with labor laws, tax forms, and other regulations. We will help you classify all employees as necessary, develop an employee handbook, and stay up to date on your HR compliance so you can avoid legal action and fines.

The Benefits of a Contractor Membership

When you partner with BCA, your membership comes with much more than HR and business advice for contractors. The other benefits of a Business Consumer Alliance membership include:

  • Unpaid invoice collection: After completing a job, you expect payment for your time and materials. What if a customer hasn't paid what they owe? The team at BCA will take time to write and send your clients courtesy letters to remind them of their balance due. Most customers will pay after receiving a letter. If not, we'll help with the next steps as well.
  • Arbitration: If you need to settle a dispute, controversy, or customer payment refusal, our arbitration program can help. We'll aim to bring you to an agreement without needing to go to court so you can save on legal fees and other expenses.
  • Legal advice: Do you have questions about laws or regulations that apply to your business? When you need legal advice, you can come to BCA for help at no additional cost. We have an attorney available to speak with you and answer your questions.
  • Customer feedback program: We can help you build trust and get the word out about your business. Our team will reach out to recent customers and ask for feedback. All positive reviews go on the BCA website, and you can use them as customer testimonials.
  • Advertising: Take advantage of our Sponsored Listing program to advertise your business. There's no need to hire a marketing team or outsource the work when you can promote your business with BCA — an organization consumers know and trust.
  • Contractor Link: Our Contractor Link program will help match you to customers looking for renovations and remodeling.
  • Virtual storefronts: With a BCA membership, you can create a virtual storefront. Upload descriptions, biographical information, and photographs to help people learn about your business.

Request BCA HR and Business Advice With a Membership Today

Use your membership to your advantage with our Business Consumer Alliance Contractor Support Program. Our goal is to help you succeed at a reasonable cost, which is why we offer so many services with our memberships. Contact a team member today to get started.

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