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Collect Unpaid Invoices as a Contractor

Contractors operating on all scales must navigate the challenge of collecting unpaid invoices. You need the payments you've earned, but tracking down the right information to complete the transaction can be complex.

If you're looking for support and advice to collect payments from customers, Business Consumer Alliance can help. Our team partners with you to create an optimized solution to contact clients and solicit payments. Explore how our services can meet your needs.

How the BCA Contractor Membership Program Can Support and Grow Your Business

At BCA, we understand how critical unpaid invoice collection is for your business, and we can handle the logistics for you. Collection agencies and litigation can be costly and time-consuming, so our team is here to provide membership services that solve the dilemma.

We're a trusted partner offering arbitration services for your business. With our support, you can have a reputable third party contact customers and collect needed payments. We keep the process simple, so you get the services you need promptly.

How Can a Service to Collect Unpaid Customer Invoices Help Your Business?

Issues with bill collections can cost contractors time attempting to recover debts. It can also cause late payment and interest fees from your business credit lines or late charges from vendors. When you have a dependable service to collect unpaid invoices, you can minimize this impact and protect your business from risk.

How Our Members Currently Benefit From This Service

As a benefit of their BCA membership, our members receive unpaid invoice collection services to fit their unique needs. Typically, members begin the process by contacting their representatives about an outstanding debt. We'll respond by creating a courtesy demand letter as a third party to facilitate resolution.

Our members have found that our letters have an excellent record of urging clients to respond and pay off invoices. Receiving contact from a third party on our members' behalf is often the necessary catalyst to push customers into action. Our goal is to help you save time and effort while resolving unpaid invoice issues as quickly as possible.

Alejandra Marquez, Owner
Infinity Copper Plumbing, Inc.
We love the service that BCA provides regarding the courtesy letters. It saves us time from having to deal with a customer that isn't being cooperative and/or meeting the contract guidelines.

Dale Hendrix, Office Manager
Plateau Pest Solutions
We would like to say that BCA has been doing an excellent job with helping us with our outstanding customer balances. Plateau Pest Solutions highly recommends BCA to any business owner in need of support to make their company become more successful and efficient. We give BCA a five star rating. Thanks for all your help.

Overview of Contractor Membership Program

Along with supporting unpaid invoice collection needs, the BCA membership provides a range of other services to help your business grow. We understand that contractors have many priorities, and we're here to help with solutions like these:

  • Legal consultations
  • Arbitration programs
  • Advertising and marketing programs
  • Human resources and business advice
  • Review-building programs

Your membership will support your business's growth with wide-ranging resources and expertise. We're committed to helping contractors with full-service solutions that reduce expenses like keeping a lawyer on retainer or hiring a collection company. With BCA, you have immediate access to these services and others whenever you need them.

Get Help Collecting Unpaid Invoices With BCA

BCA is here to support you when you need arbitration services to help you collect payments from customers. Becoming a member of our program lets you expand your business and get immediate support when you need it most. Explore our membership offerings and reach out to us today to learn more.

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