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Arbitration Program for Moving Companies

Every year, thousands of consumers hire moving companies to transport their goods across state lines with little to no problems at all. But, what happens when goods are lost or damaged? With these claims, you’ll now have to deal with angry customers and their lawyers, should they decide to sue you to recoup their damages.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has a household goods arbitration program that can help consumers and moving companies resolve these grievances in an efficient and affordable manner. By federal law, moving companies MUST participate in a neutral third party arbitration program to resolve claims of lost/damaged goods or allegations of being overcharged for services. Participating in this program and naming an arbitration provider is also required when renewing your Department of Transportation (DOT) license and Motor Carrier number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

By allowing BCA to administer your arbitration program, not only will you be fully compliant with federal laws, it will allow you to focus on running your moving business while we handle any claims that may arise. We will provide you with an arbitration certificate and arbitration program flyer to hand to your customer before each move, which is also required by law.

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Arbitration Requirement for Movers

When consumers hire your moving company, they put their trust in you. They expect you to transport their belongings from one property to the next with minimal issues.

The FMCSA requires moving companies that cross state lines to offer an arbitration program to customers. An arbitration program needs to contain at least 11 elements:

  • The mover shouldn't have an advantage due to the shipper being far from the mover's center of operations.
  • The mover must present information on the arbitration program to the shipper in advance of the move.
  • The mover must provide the shipper with the relevant arbitration information upon request.
  • The arbitrator needs to be independent of all parties in the dispute.
  • The arbitrator can determine the payment responsibility of each party, but the shipper won't pay more than half the cost.
  • The mover can't make a shipper consent to the use of arbitration without a dispute.
  • The mover is bound for claims at or below $10,000 if the shipper asks to go to arbitration.
  • The mover is bound to arbitration for claims exceeding $10,000 if the shipper requests it and the mover agrees.
  • The arbitrator may deliver an oral presentation of the dispute if both parties agree.
  • The arbitrator needs to come to a decision within 60 days of receiving notice of the dispute.
  • An extension is possible if the mover doesn't deliver information in time.

Benefits of Interstate Moving Company Arbitration

Using our arbitration program as a means to resolve disputes regarding lost or damaged goods or excess charges has several benefits, such as:

  • You will be fully compliant with federal laws, which allows you to keep your DOT License and Motor Carrier number active.
  • The setting used to solve disputes is more flexible and informal than court.
  • This process helps save you money because you are not amassing attorney and court fees.
  • Both parties will be able to work with an arbitrator who is professionally trained and has experience in resolving disputes.

Other Reasons to Join BCA's Membership

When you join Business Consumer Alliance's membership program, you will also be able to take advantage of these member benefits, for no additional charge:

  • Customer feedback program: Customers can help your reputation by leaving positive reviews and feedback.
  • Collect on unpaid invoices: We will assist you in collecting unpaid invoices.
  • Discount Programs: We partner with affiliates to bring you exclusive member discounts on products and services needed to run your business. Members save big on office supplies, health insurance, prescriptions, and business insurance.

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If you are applying for or renewing your DOT license or MC number, you need to list a third party arbitration provider such as Business Consumer Alliance. As a member, you will be able to experience fast and fair arbitration services as part of your membership benefits and have peace of mind knowing that you are fully compliant with federal laws.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all regarding our membership program and its benefits. After you fill out our form, we will get in touch with you and provide you with a free consultation.

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