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Membership Benefits with Business Consumer Alliance

We offer a variety of services to all businesses. At BCA, our goal is to connect you with customers and to provide you with services designed to help your business grow. The variety of benefits our membership offers will protect your business and save you money.

The public relies on us to handle disputes and report on disreputable businesses. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, we've seen our share of bad business dealings. The public turns to us for recommendations on reliable businesses and our members are at the top of that list.

Free Legal Advice

BCA members have access to our attorney to answer any legal questions they may have. This valuable service is entirely FREE and included with your membership.

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Arbitration Program

As a business, you may have had to file a lawsuit at one time or another to settle a controversy or collect money from one of your customers. We can help you collect from a customer or resolve any dispute arising out of a contract by using our arbitration program.

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Customer Feedback Program

Our members benefit from our custom-tailored program to help you attract more customers in the form of online reviews. Word of mouth is the best selling tool, so let's get them talking about your business and boost your online reputation.

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Collect on Unpaid Invoices

Cash flow is important to small business owners. What happens when you have a customer that won't pay? Our services are designed to get your customer's attention of the unpaid invoice. Think similar to a collection agency, but without the high fees.

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Business and HR Advice

BCA members have access to our team of experts that can give them guidance on business best practices and HR advice to ensure compliance to keep you out of legal trouble.

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Advertising Opportunities

As a BCA member you'll have access to advertising opportunities that can enhance your visibility and attract new customers through our Sponsored Listing program.

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Many More Benefits

  • Free virtual storefront allowing you to upload photos to showcase your products or services. Members can include biographical information or promotions that will distinguish them from their competitors.
  • Every inquiry from potential customers will show your business is a BCA member in good standing. Most consumers prefer to do business with a BCA member.
  • 95% of customers who report complaints become loyal customers if their complaint is satisfactorily handled. Our mediation program will help you with that.
  • Affinity programs offering discounts on office supplies, UPS shipping, and other business services.
  • Membership dues are 100% tax deductible.
  • Free subscription to our monthly newsletter. Your link to vital business and consumer news.
  • and a lot more…

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