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Business Consumer Alliance is a non-profit organization assisting consumers in resolving disputes with businesses.
Each year, we are successful at mediating over 30,000 complaints. We can help you deal with unethical businesses or those that did not deliver as they promised. Through our mediation, we will help you and the business come to a shared understanding and agreement. Submit your complaint below and we’ll work on it right away!

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Consumers are getting results

How to File a Consumer Complaint

In the course of dealing with businesses, there may be times when you need to file a complaint. Whether it's because of fraud or deceptive business practices, you have the right to speak up to try to address or resolve these issues.

How Do You File a Complaint?

Regardless of whether you are filing a consumer to business or business to business complaint, you can expect the process to be fairly straightforward:

  • 1. Fill out the information for the business you are filing a complaint against.
  • 2. Enter your complaint details, sharing as many facts as possible, and what your desired outcome for the situation is.
  • 3. Fill out your information so we can contact you about your complaint.

Once you've submitted the form, a Mediation Specialist will reach out to the business, explaining to them what the complaint is and then ask for a response. By working with both the businesses and consumers, the Median Specialist tries to resolve the complaint.

Business Consumer Alliance Benefits

  • Our complaint services are free to the public.
  • Our objective is to mediate the customer/business dispute in a way that will bring about a fast and fair settlement.
  • We offer Personalized Claims Resolution.
  • Fast Processing. Most complaints are resolved in less than a week, whereas complaints you file with government agencies can take years for any action.

Common Complaints

We take all types of complaints, but here's a short list of the industries we take the most complaints against:

  • Online retailers
  • Loan companies
  • Car dealers (new and used)
  • Contractors (i.e. plumbers, roofers, etc.)
  • Auto repair shops

Other Ways We Can Help

At BCA, we have a variety of other services designed to protect you and ensure you receive quality service from businesses. These additional services include:

  • Contractor Link Program: Our Contractor Link Program matches you with experienced and trustworthy general contractors or single-trade contractors. From roofers to electricians, our expansive program will help you get your remodeling or repairs taken care of.
  • Reputation Reports: We have reports on millions of business categories such as attorneys, mortgage services, information search retrieval services and much more located across the nation. You can read the reviews that other customers left about these companies to make an informed decision on who you want to work with. You can then filter the results to suggest top-rated businesses.
  • Ask the Experts Forum: In this forum, you can post any questions you have about a business or transaction and receive an answer from an expert. If they cannot answer it for you, they will refer you to either an individual or company who can.

Why Choose BCA?

For over 25 years, BCA has been assisting consumers in submitting and mediating complaints from businesses. We also take great pride in helping consumers find trustworthy businesses to work with through services such as our Reputation Reports and Contractor Link Program.

Regardless of what you need, we offer personal attention and will take care of your needs accurately and efficiently.

File a complaint in less than 5 Minutes

If you have a dispute with a business and need help, let us resolve it for you. Submit your complaint today to help yourself and help the public.