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Advertising can bring in revenue and help you build a reputation in your community. Advertise with Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) today to see everything our team can help you achieve. Your regular BCA membership comes with sponsored listings to expand your reach.

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Problems That Sponsored Listing and Advertising With BCA Can Solve

As a small business owner, you need to advertise your company. However, you might not have the means or experience to do so. Marketing and advertising on your own often require a large investment, and hiring a team to do it for you can be costly. With a BCA membership, you can solve both of these problems at once.

If you have budget challenges that prevent you from hiring an advertising specialist, Business Consumer Alliance sponsored listings can help. Use your BCA membership to your advantage and eliminate the worry of further stretching your limited resources.

Even if you're familiar with marketing, finding the time to create ads and social media content can be a challenge when you have other priorities. Our sponsored listings for small businesses allow you to put your brand out there and capture customers' attention without extra costs or time.

Ways Members Currently Use This Service

Our Sponsored Listing Program provides several benefits to all our partners. Our members currently use this service for:

  • Getting ad listings that push them above their competitors.
  • Using ad placements in our directories that are prominent.
  • Engaging in relevant advertising that attracts their target customer base.
  • Receiving enhanced rotation on high traffic pages on our website.
  • Increasing search engine optimization (SEO) with the sponsored listings in our directories.

Improve Your Online Visibility

Prominent placement, especially when potential customers are doing targeted searches in your industry helps attract customers.

Overview of Our Business Membership Program

When you're a member of BCA, you get access to all our Sponsored Listing Program benefits. Additionally, you'll get access to numerous other services with us, including:

  • Managing customer feedback: We reach out to your recent customers to hear about their experience with your business. If they have a complaint, we'll help you find the best way to resolve it.
  • Obtaining legal advice: Business owners who work with us have access to our attorney to answer any of your legal questions at no extra cost.
  • Receiving help with unpaid invoices: Our team will start contacting your customers with courtesy letters to encourage them to make payments.
  • Engaging in arbitration: When courtesy letters don't work or if you have other legal disputes, we have an arbitration program to help.
  • Creating a virtual storefront: You have access to an area on the BCA website where you can put up information about your products and services.
  • Working with affiliated programs: As a BCA member, you'll have access to discounts on things like office supplies and shipping.
  • Deducting your membership from taxes: You can take the fees you pay for your BCA membership out of your taxes every year.
  • Developing a better reputation: When you're part of the BCA family, customers know they can trust you as a reliable business in their area.

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Become a BCA member today to get sponsored listings for small businesses. For more information, please fill out the short form below for a quick response and free consultation or give us a call.

If you prefer to speak with someone, call and one of our friendly staff members will be able to answer your questions.