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Contractor Membership Program Overview

As a contractor, you need a reliable partner who can help you get the word out about your services, provide advice and help you run a profitable business. Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) can help you remain compliant, attract customers and provide business advice for contractors.

Problems Contractor Memberships Can Solve

People rely on information from other consumers to determine how efficient and dependable potential contractors are. At BCA, we want to help all California and Texas contractors learn how to manage their business, connect with customers and continue to grow.

When you have a membership with BCA, you have a reputable partner who can help you enhance your reputation and promote your work. You need assistance with all the mechanics going on behind the scenes of your business. BCA helps you stay on track to help you continue to improve, perform and grow in all the right ways.

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Ways Members Currently Use Our Services

Our members use our contractor services in numerous ways. Explore the services included in our BCA contractor membership program:

Contract Samples

Our most popular service! Whether you need help drawing a contract up from scratch or want to ensure yours is compliant with the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) in California or various Texas state agencies that regulate contractors, BCA can help. We assist with using the correct language, meeting all requirements and including all mandatory disclosures for home improvement contracts.

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Contractor Link

We have a program called Contractor Link designed to help you find clients. Contractor Link will pair homeowners searching for repair services with qualified contractors like you, allowing you to find leads and take jobs efficiently.

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Free Legal Advice

If you have legal questions, BCA can help. You can access our attorney to answer your questions free of charge.

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Arbitration Program

If you need to settle disputes, you can use the BCA arbitration program. Our arbitration program will help you solve contract disputes quickly without the need for the courts.

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Customer Feedback Program

Our team will reach out to your recent clients and ask them if they'd like to provide a review. We will then post any positive reviews on our website for your use as a customer testimonial.

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Unpaid Invoice Collection

When you perform services for a customer, you expect payment. What happens when an invoice goes unpaid? Our team will write them courtesy letters to remind them of what they owe. In most situations, the customers will pay once they have received this notice. However, BCA will help you move to our arbitration program if not.

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Business and HR Advice

Our services will help you remain compliant with California and Texas laws regarding human resources. We can also provide advice on general best practices for businesses, including employee management and labor laws. We'll provide you with the advice and service necessary to maintain a compliant, well-run workplace.

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