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Arbitration Services

Business Consumer Alliance offers arbitration of disputes involving marketplace transactions. It is truly a more civilized way to settle disputes quickly and fairly, and without the costs of other legal options. Click the link at the bottom of the page to read the "Uniform Rules for Binding Arbitration".


If you have a dispute with a company, we highly recommend using our free complaint mediation process first before pursuing arbitration or legal remedies. By filing a complaint, it gives us an opportunity to bring your problems to the business. Through this process, the business can address your concerns. In most cases, many complaints are resolved with our assistance and there's no need to go any further. Start your complaint now! Did we mention this was free?

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If there was an arbitration clause in the contract you signed, or both parties agree to arbitration, then Business Consumer Alliance may be able to help resolve your dispute.
Like Small Claims Court, you won't need a lawyer, but unlike Small Claims Court, you may bring one if you would prefer. Unlike a court proceeding, your case will be heard and decided not by a judge, but a trained arbitrator assigned to your case. BCA maintains a pool of individuals that may not necessarily have specific expertise in the matter to be arbitrated, but can call upon the assistance of an expert if necessary.
The "hearing" is very informal and relaxed. It will start at a set time. You won't have to wait for other cases to be heard ahead of you. Everyone involved will participate by calling in to a special phone number and will have a chance to tell their side of the dispute. Each side will be given all the time they need to present their case.
The Arbitrator will normally render a decision within five days after the hearing is closed, unless the Arbitrator requests additional information from the parties. The decision will be based solely upon what the Arbitrator feels is fair. He/She will not necessarily take legal statutes or precedents into consideration.
More importantly, because legal rules of evidence and discovery don't apply and you're not restricted by a crowded court calendar, you won't have to wait months or even years for your case to be heard. BCA makes every effort to obtain a final resolution of your complaint within 60 days, unless state or federal law provides otherwise.
Disputes involving consumer products and/or services may be arbitrated. Unless they directly relate to the contract that is the basis of this dispute, the following claims will be considered for arbitration only if all parties agree in writing that the arbitrator may consider them:
• Claims based on product liability;
• Claims for personal injuries;
• Claims that have been resolved by a previous court action, arbitration, or written agreement between parties.
The decision as to whether your dispute or any part of it can be arbitrated rests solely with BCA.
You may contact us by regular mail, or by using the Contact Us page on our website, with any questions you may have.
Please read the "UNIFORM RULES FOR BINDING ARBITRATION". They explain how arbitration works and include a helpful "Checklist of Things-To-Do" in preparing your case.