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Complaint update

Date: 8/7/2019 5:31 AM (PST)

Hello I filed a complaint on the business TLC Motors and I was just checking for an update

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Date: 8/7/2019 12:27 PM (PST)

Hello Kimberly. Thank you for your question. BCA allows businesses up to twenty business days to respond to a complaint. Your complaint against TLC Motors was filed on July 30th, so the company is still within their timeframe to respond. However, consumers should always prepare themselves to take the next step if necessary. At the end of the complaint process if the company fails to respond or no resolution is reached, then you may have to escalate the complaint to a state agency or seek legal advice. BCA will contact you when your complaint has generated activity that requires your attention.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, I can be reached directly at

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