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Is this allowed

Date: 5/24/2019 3:50 PM (PST)

I got Conned into working for a temp agency, I was applying at many different electrical companies in Arizona and I'm from Vegas, I get called back from what I though was a general contractor for an interview I go in and not once was I told this was a temp agency and than what I'm really complaining about is they knew I was from Nevada I have a nevadas driver license and everything I specifically ask them should I put my address that's on my id or my sisters address here in Arizona they said which ever you can receive mail at and I figured ok well if I'ma be working here I should use my sisters address. And than they send me to a job site that gives perdiem it's mandatory. But while in the office they never once said anything bout perdiem being in my contract and what f'n contract I don't remember seeing or reading anything or even being told about signing a contract I didn't find out I was even at a temp agency till my 3rd day at the job site it's bull shit cuz litteraly it's given to every single person with an outside address at this huge job site but not me. Just doesn't sound right to me at all. Now I'm paying two rents and never can go see me kid and fiance cuz i don't make enough to support to households and cost to travel back and forth. Are they allowed to do this?

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Date: 5/28/2019 8:33 AM (PST)

Julian, I recommend contacting the Industrial Commission of Arizona and request to speak with their labor department: They are familiar with Arizona labor laws and would able to determine if the temp agency was wrong and what steps you can take to seek a resolution.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at if you have additional questions.

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