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Online auctiond

Date: 5/27/2018 2:19 AM (PST)

What can you do if a online auction company you contracted takes your things with a promise to display picture and auction. Does nothing and says they don't have your things.

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Date: 5/29/2018 8:27 AM (PST)

Good Morning Shawn. Thank you for your question. If it’s an online auction, I don’t understand why you would have to send the company your things. If you sent them items you wanted them to display on their site, I’m assuming you took some kind of inventory of what you sent and the method you used to send them the items. I’m hoping you used delivery confirmation if this was the case.

If the company is stating they do not have your items then this is where the delivery confirmation would come into play. BCA is happy to contact the company for you. Filing a complaint with BCA is quick, simple, and free: BCA will contact the company on your behalf and attempt to assist you in reaching a resolution. Further action may be necessary, but filing a complaint is the first step.

Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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