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Paypal holding $ for 180 days

Date: 9/4/2019 8:09 PM (PST)

I just started a small floral shop got my ein and tax #. Then a did a very large funeral and need a credit card reader asap. So i set up a paypal acct and paid for the mobile card reader. Sent in everything they asked for paper wise. The total amount i ran was over 7k. Then 2 weeks later paypal closes my acct! Says in 180 days they will email me on how to get my money they are holding! What doni do?! It's not linked to my bank account just a paypal credit card they sent me! They haven't even said why when the whole time they said it was all approved! Help this will put me out of business..

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Date: 9/6/2019 9:49 AM (PST)

Hello Cori. I am very sorry to hear of your current situation with Paypal. Have you opened up a case with Paypal? If you haven’t done so, I recommend you do as soon as possible. To open a dispute or claim, Paypal has their own resolution center and this is where their customers should go to file a complaint:

You also have the option of filing a complaint with our office. We’re happy to contact Paypal on your behalf. Just be aware, the typical response we receive from Paypal is that due to their strict privacy policy, they are unable to provide a response to our office, but will issue a response directly to their customer. Here is the link to file a complaint with BCA:

Please contact me directly at if you need further assistance.

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Date: 9/6/2019 5:35 PM (PST)

Didn't work! Only for customers with disputes or claims! I don't have any and all the flowers where delivered!

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