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Repossed my vehicle

Date: 2/27/2019 7:29 PM (PST)

Hi I would like to ask if it is legal for a credit union who has financed my car loan to repossess my vehicle when I was not late on payments and I had just paid 400 more the day I spoke with the lady at said credit union and she requested I get full coverage on said technical and for me to send her a copy in to her email she never once said sbe was going to repossess my jeep the very next day if I had known that's what aS going to happen. Why would I have got insurance if I wasn't going to have my jeep is this fair that she took my jeep after I did exactly what she had asked me to do

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Date: 2/28/2019 10:03 AM (PST)

Repossession laws vary state to state. The two most common reasons for vehicle repossession are not making payments on time or having no car insurance. In several states, once your car loan is in default, a lender is free to repossess the car at any time. As long as the company who repossess the car is in compliance with the law governing your state, the borrower doesn’t have to be given advanced notice. It’s wise to know how much insurance you’re required to have when you enter into a finance contract, although all lenders require their borrowers to maintain full coverage on the financed vehicle.

Lucinda, please check what the laws are in your state. Usually your state attorney general’s office is a good place to start your search.

If you feel your credit union is completely in the wrong, you can file a complaint with On their website, they do have a consumer assistance center with pages of frequently asked questions: and a page that explains their complaint process:

BCA also offers complaint mediation services. We’re happy to contact the credit union on your behalf. We’ll present the allegations in your complaint and ask that they address. As soon as we hear back from them you will be contacted. Filing a complaint with BCA is quick, simple, and FREE:

Thank you for contacting BCA. Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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