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How to file a complaint about someone soliciting sex to my chain-year-old daughter via text messaging

Date: 11/21/2019 6:16 PM (PST)

I’d like to know what I can do about finding a complaint about A text message I found on my daughters phone she’s 10 years old the text message was sent to a group of people on the text message there was a link to a site which was called find girls immediately when you push on the link it shows naked pictures of women and men showed me at women and men having sex when I asked if I was under 18 and I said yes it continue showing the pictures how do I make a complaint on this person the number was sent from a Texas number which was 28145121

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Date: 11/22/2019 11:04 AM (PST)

It’s law enforcement that you need to contact. Please contact your local police authorities to investigate. We handle consumer to business type complaints and the allegations you are making warrant the involvement of law enforcement.

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