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needing a attorney to help me resolve aneglecgent of property. Iwas injured on their property

Date: 7/5/2021 8:40 PM (PST)

how can find the correct lawyer for this case?

i received a letter that someone is filing on my unemployment im working. hlp
how can i resolve this one if you cant please direct me to the correct people. thank you

sued hospital discrimanation didnt call my family to pick me a senior citizen the other senior citizen was given a whee
please if you cant help me give me someone who can. thank you

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Date: 7/8/2021 3:52 PM (PST)

Hello Elvetia. My responses to all three of your posts are below.

In regards to the injury on the property and the type of lawyer you need, you want to find a personal injury attorney. It is best to contact the attorney as quickly as possible. We do not offer referrals.

Regarding your unemployment inquiry, you need to reach out to your county or state unemployment office.

In regards to the hospital discrimination, an attorney would be able to give advice regarding a potential lawsuit. We do not offer referrals.

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