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refund of a product to the wrong debit card

Date: 1/10/2017 11:24 PM (PST)

freedompop said that they refunded me the amount of a modem that i never recieved and that they didnt not have a record of me calling to complain. well if they simply whent to their system data base and looked at the useage of my modem they would have noticed that i never used it. my question is, they refunded the wrong debit card how do i get they to resend the remberment i never recieved from them. that debit card was distroyed months ago nolonger have that card but,i do have a acctive debit card that they can refund or send me a modem to my address on file the porter address thank you. hope to hear from you soon..

sincerly louann mendez

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Date: 1/11/2017 10:31 AM (PST)

Sorry to hear this, Louann. Unfortunately, refunds are generally only processed to the card originally charged. If your card was simply replaced with a new card number, but the overall account remains the same, then the refund would still be deposited into your account - regardless of the card number. However, if the card's account was closed altogether, we would require written confirmation from the bank stating the account was in fact closed so we could send a refund in the form of a check. Please contact our support team at so we can provide further assistance.

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