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Date: 12/5/2018 3:02 PM (PST)

Does BCA obtain mortgage loan forensics that would hold up & be considered legal and valid in Supreme Court?

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Date: 12/5/2018 3:50 PM (PST)

Hello Patricia. Obtaining mortgage loan forensics is not a service that we offer. However, I would encourage you to file a complaint against the company that performed the forensic audit. I also recommend filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and your state Attorney General as well. Per the FTC, there is no evidence that forensic loan audits will help you get a loan modification or any other foreclosure relief, even when they are conducted by a licensed, legitimate and trained auditor, mortgage professional or lawyer. Some federal laws allow you to sue your lender based on errors in your loan documents, but even if you sue and win, your lender is not required to modify your loan.

For you and our readers, I am including a link to our Resource Guide on Avoiding Mortgage Relief Scams:

To file a complaint with BCA, click on here:

Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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