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Neighbors Tree Fell On Our Fence:

Date: 3/7/2021 11:58 AM (PST)

About 2 months ago we had a bad Ice Storm here in Indiana. The Neighbors
tree fell on our fence and busted 3 sections of our fence. 3 Posts need to be replaced. We called the Landlord who is renting out the house. He is a Attorney and said our Homeowners has to pay for it. Who rents out this house next door. Attorney Grodrick.. Our homeowners paid for the removal of there tree. But, they will not pay for the damages to our fence. Our homeowners won't. So, the fence is damaged and we do not have the money to have it replaced. It is not right and we are now gonna look into a different Home Owners Insurance Policy. Plus our roof was damaged by the Ice Storm and our Homeowners will not replace a half of roof. We are 70 and my wife is 67 years young. We feel we got rip off by both sides!! The Attorney who rents out the house next door to us and our Insurance Agent did nothing to help us at our age! Plus the neighbor next door did not apologize!! So, we might just knock down the whole fence!! They have 2 sons who are now, hitting the fence with there ball playing. I told them, they needed to please stay away from the fence. We just feel like we are now at our age being used... Not sure what to do and to change Insurance Policies also. Why, why did this Attorney Landlord could not pay for there damages on our property?

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Date: 3/8/2021 12:59 PM (PST)

Hello Mark. Please review your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand what is covered and not covered under their policy. It is recommended to talk to your insurer if you have concerns about damage your policy doesn’t cover, you have the right to ask why your claim was denied.
If you have already reached out to your homeowner’s insurance company and feel you are not getting the answers you deserve, you can file a complaint. We’re happy to contact the company for you, and see if we can assist you in resolving the situation. We do not promise or guarantee a resolution will be reached, but filing a complaint may help:

As far as the damages to your fence caused by your neighbor’s tree, legal recourse may be a viable option worth considering.

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