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BCA Scam Watch: Reward Redemption Center

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If you receive a call from Reward Redemption Center about a $100 rebate card—hang up the phone. The caller’s motive is to commit fraud, not to deliver any reward.

Consumers report receiving calls from various numbers with an automated message claiming they are being rewarded with a $100 rebate card for visiting the website of an unnamed affiliate of Reward Redemption Center. To obtain the card, which allegedly can be used at various popular stores, a fee must be paid by debit or credit card to cover shipping and handling. In actuality, there is no rebate or reward available. It is a scam to obtain personal and financial information that can be used to enroll you into costly programs that you may not want, make unauthorized charges, to open fraudulent accounts, or commit identity theft.

Scam artists often use phony telemarketing calls and solicitations to trick individuals out of money and their personal information. If you receive an unsolicited call offering a prize or free gifts, a reward for visiting a website, or similar claims, you need to be cautious. It is more than likely a scam.

Business Consumer Alliance (“BCA”) provides the following guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Keep your financial and personal information private. Never give your banking, credit card, or Social Security information to anyone calling and asking for them. Even if they try to convince you to verify or confirm the information, do not do so. It is a trick.

  • Check out the proposal by obtaining a BCA reliability report or use the Ask the Experts forum to request information on dubious offers.

  • Don’t agree to any offer which you have to pay a “registration” or “shipping” fee in order to get a prize or a gift. If the offer is free, you should not have to pay any fees. If you are required to pay for anything, it is a purchase, not a gift or prize.

  • Do not give into pressure to act immediately. Most legitimate businesses will allow you time to consider the offer and provide written information before asking you to purchase anything.

  • Never send cash or transfer money, as you risk losing your money and may lose your right to dispute fraudulent charges, an option which is available to you when using a credit card.

If you receive a recorded message instead of a live person trying to sell you something, it's a robocall. Robocalls are generally illegal unless you have given the company written permission to call you. Just hang up the phone.


Consumers who have been contacted by Reward Redemption Center can file a complaint with BCA or leave a comment below. Please include the phone number that contacted you and any other details. Or, if you are aware of any other scam, questionable business or offer, tell us about it. We want to know so we can make others aware.


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