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There’s no shortage of ads in the media promising amazing weight loss results with little or no effort and the ability to eat what you want. These ads make it appear that you can lose pounds by taking a pill, using a cream, wearing a patch, or putting on a garment.

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There’s no shortage of ads in the media promising amazing weight loss results with little or no effort and the ability to eat what you want. These ads make it appear that you can lose pounds by taking a pill, using a cream, wearing a patch, or putting on a garment. But while the commercial may claim miracle outcomes by using these products, the claims are not true. Some are even dangerous and a waste of your money. Before you believe in these ads, think about the likelihood of success with the product and learn how to identify fake claims.

Weight Loss Claims to Watch Out For

If only losing weight or getting fit was as simple as popping a pill or rubbing some cream on your problem areas. That would be a dream. Instead, it takes effort and education on how to eat healthy to lose weight. Being more active and burning more calories than you take in is what experts suggest is the formula to fitness. Here are some problematic false claims to run away from if you see them:

  • No exercise, eat what you want and lose weight!
    Purchasing products that make claims like these are surefire ways to lose money. Again, it takes effort to see results.
  • Never diet again. Permanent weight loss.
    No product can fulfill this promise. To maintain weight loss and fitness goals, lifestyle changes need to occur.
  • Weight loss results for everyone guaranteed!
    Each person is different and results will vary. There is no one fix all pill, device, or product that will work for everybody.
  • Rub on this cream or attach this patch and watch the pounds melt away.
    There is nothing you can apply that will aid in losing weight.
  • Rapid weight loss. Give us 30 days and lose 30 pounds.
    Safe weight loss should be a pound or two a week. If the program or product is claiming fast weight loss, this can be very unhealthy.

The Story about Supplements

It seems like each year there is a new supplement that claims to help shed pounds. We have received countless complaints that the supplements did not work or even caused adverse effects. Some were even entered into memberships or programs that they were unaware of and ended up paying additional money without realizing they would be charged.

Consumers should watch for scams. Some schemers set up fake websites using bogus news stories, phony investigations, fraudulent endorsements or false logos of legitimate sources to lure customers to make purchases. These are just ploys to attract customers.

There is also the risk of buying dietary supplements that contain drugs or chemicals that are not FDA approved or that are dangerous. They may even stamp “100” natural on their ads and products. The results are that some have experienced horrible side effects from the products.

Where to Get Help

Developing healthy eating habits, establishing and maintaining an exercise regimen, and keeping on the road to fitness are important keys in your fitness quest. Start with speaking to a heath care professional before starting any weight loss program or routine. Get a physical to assess your personal health. It may be beneficial to speak with a dietician. If you are considering joining a fitness club or gym, check out our helpful guide for useful tips.

With any offer, it is important to do your research. Don’t automatically trust testimonials you see with the advertisement. They are often marketing ploys to entice customers and many are simply made up. Look for independent reviews and always check with BCA to see what real customers are saying about the business. Also, be cautious when reviewing before and after photos. They could be lies or manipulated photos or may not be the result of simply using the product.

If you have a complaint about a weight loss product, fitness program, or their advertising claims, contact BCA to file a complaint and report your experience. Your voice can aid others avoid getting defrauded and mediation may help you recover lost funds.

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