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5 Deceptive Scams Small Businesses Should Be Aware Of
5 Deceptive Scams Small Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Posted: 5/6/2015

Small to medium-sized businesses, churches, and nonprofit businesses have been hit hard by unscrupulous scammers perpetrating various scams. Some common schemes that affect small businesses are office supply scams, domain registration plots, fake check tricks, charity cons, and directory listing scams. Business Consumer Alliance urges businesses and their employees to be on the lookout for scams and offers some identifying warning signs that can help you avoid them....Read more

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Kim’s Catch: Avas Flowers

Posted: 5/31/2019

Kim’s Catch:  Avas Flowers

The convenience of online shopping allows customers to send beautiful bouquets with a few clicks on the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes what you see may not be what you get....Read more

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Small Businesses Fight Robocalls

Posted: 5/17/2019

Small Businesses Fight Robocalls

Unsolicited robocalls are a huge problem. Not only are they nuisances, illegal robocalls aid scammers in stealing countless dollars from small businesses....Read more

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