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Kim’s Catch: DailyHemps Online Scam

kim's catch daily hemps

Here’s the catch:  The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in certain states has caused a boom in the cannabis industry. With CBD and cannabis products gaining more popularity, scammers are looking to cash in too. DailyHemps is one of many online cannabis scams customers should avoid.

DailyHemps runs a website which at first glance appears to offer information on CBD and offers cannabis products for sale. But after a little digging, you’ll find that they are really just a scam. First sign of a scam—they sell “other” products on their website that are illegal. Second, you can only pay by Bitcoin; gift card; MoneyGram or Western Union; or PayPal. All of these payment methods are the preferred option for scammers. It makes it easy for them to receive the funds undetected and disappear. DailyHemps is no exception.

One consumer paid DailyHemps $200, using a Google Play gift card. After paying, the consumer received an email from another scammer in on the ruse, Atlantic Express Shippers. They claimed his package was on hold and to get it he’d have to pay a deposit fee of $350 or the authorities would get involved. The email even claimed the deposit was refundable. He paid the $350, again using a Google Play gift card. Within five hours after payment was received, the status of the package went from “in transit” to being “on hold” again. This time the con artist claimed he needed to pay an insurance fee of $550. The demand for more money came with the threat that he would be put into jail for two years if he did not pay immediately. Wising up, the consumer called Atlantic Express Shippers and learned that they had experienced a security breach and their emails had been hacked. The consumer is now out $550 with no recourse, except filing a complaint to warn others.

Kim’s Advice:  Oftentimes with scams like these, there is a network of people working in unison to pull off the con. Not only do you have the initial setup, but after they lure a victim, they continue to take advantage of the situation and see how much more money they can steal.

Don’t be fooled by fancy web designs, glowing testimonials, and smooth talking solicitors. Today’s scams get more and more elaborate and deceptive by the minute. Knowing the telltale signs of a scam can help you identify a shady offer. Always beware of offers that seem too good to be true.

With any offer, if you are not able to pay with traditional methods such as credit or debit card, use caution. Paying with your credit or debit card gives some protections that other payment options do not have. Essentially, when you use money transfer services or pay by gift card, it is similar to handing over cash. Bitcoin is also risky as the virtual currency market overall is largely unregulated and prone to attacks from hackers and scammers.

If you have fallen victim to an online scam, report it by filing a complaint. While you may not be able to recover your loss, you can help put an end to the scam and warn others. Also, be on the lookout for future scams. Once these fraudsters get someone in their grasp, they will frequently attempt to con the victim again with some other ruse. Always be vigilant and check out an offer or business thoroughly before providing your personal and financial information.

Note:  While some states have legalized marijuana use, the sale of cannabis products is illegal in most countries and states in the USA.

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