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Kim’s Catch: Cash App Support Scams

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Here’s the catch:  You Google “Cash App Customer Service” when looking for help with a Cash App transaction. You call the customer service number and in moments you’re speaking with a rep ready to help you. They ask you to download an app that will let them go in and fix the problem. But first, they’ll need your PIN to access your account. After they’ve got access, the rep has to do a “test” transfer but assures you that the money will be placed right back in your account. Suddenly your account is drained and the money is now in the scammers account.

Phony customer service representatives have fooled many Cash App customers in need of assistance. Sadly, many never recover the money lost to the scams. Business Consumer Alliance has received several complaints from consumers that have been conned by Cash App Support scams.

Kim’s Advice:  If you need help from Cash App, access it through the app or at Cash App doesn’t offer phone support and their only automated support line, 855-351-2275, will direct you to get help through the app. If you find a phone number claiming to be Cash App that reaches a live representative, it’s a scam.

Beware of emails claiming to be from Cash App. Scammers spoof email addresses all the time to make their ruse look authentic. Verified Cash App emails only come from an,, or address.

Real support will never ask you to provide your sign-in code or PIN. They also will never ask that you send a payment or make a purchase, download any application or link for “remote access”, or complete a "test" transaction of any kind. If you’re instructed at any time to do any of these things, you know you’re dealing with a scammer. You should report them to Cash App and file a complaint with BCA.

Support scams aren’t the only schemes to look out for when using a money transfer app. Scammers utilize these peer-to-peer payment apps to quickly steal money from victims. Anytime you use a payment app, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only send payments to people you know and trust.
  • Check that the recipient information is correct before you send money.
  • Keep the app updated.
  • Safeguard your password and PIN.
  • Frequently check your account to make sure transactions are complete.
  • Link the app to a credit card if possible. Credit card transactions carry certain protections in case of fraud.

If you suspect that a scammer has accessed your account information, contact the company to secure your account and report the incident. Follow up with your bank or financial institution. Make sure to frequently monitor your accounts for unfamiliar or unauthorized transactions.

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