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$5 Million Restitution Program for CA Solar Customers Defrauded by Contractors

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Are you a California homeowner defrauded or financially harmed by a licensed or unlicensed solar contractor? The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has $5 million allocated to the Solar Energy System Restitution Program (SESRP), which offers reimbursement to qualifying consumers with an unpaid financial loss after contracting for the installation of a solar energy system. California solar customers can apply for restitution payments as long as the program has funding.

SESRP restitution is available to California solar consumers who:

  • reside in a single-family residence;
  • entered into a contract for a solar energy system on or after January 1, 2016;
  • have a solar contract and/or installation system showing evidence of poor workmanship, incomplete work, fraud, misrepresentation, work not completed for the agreed-upon price, or other violations of Contractors’ License Law;
  • suffered an unresolved financial loss or injury as a result; and,
  • can establish their eligibility through any one of the available methods prescribed by the SESRP.

Claim forms are available in English and Spanish on the CSLB website: Any questions can be directed to the CSLB.

English (916) 255-4000 or by email to

Spanish (562) 345-7633 or by e-mail at

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