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Business Consumer Alliance Dynamic Seals

We have many types of dynamic seals to choose from. You can use one or all of them on your website. Show off your Business Consumer Alliance affiliation.

Company Report Dynamic Seal

Show off your rating and link to your company report

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Storefront Dynamic Seal

Take potential customers to your storefront to see your reviews and allow them to post reviews.

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Promote your business

Use the BCA seal to help customers quickly identify you as a reputable business who believes in operating with reliability and integrity. Download any of the seals and use them in a wide range of advertising including invoices, business listings, social media channels or anywhere you will reach customers.

Protect your business with arbitration

As a BCA member, you’re entitled to free arbitration services which are designed to protect your business and keep you out of court. Because arbitration is a private alternative to the legal system, you’ll save money by not paying court costs, legal fees and, of course, by saving a lot of time. 

Arbitration is a legal alternative to litigation.  If you add our arbitration clause to your contracts, you can legally compel your customer to arbitrate a dispute.  We’ll take care of the paperwork for you and we’ll conduct the hearing which may take place in a conference room or the hearing can even be conducted over the telephone.  The process is simple and in most cases can be done without attorneys.  As most business people know, attorney fees will often exceed the amount of the underlying dispute. 

For more information on this valuable benefit, contact our Arbitration Department who will answer your questions and assist you in adding the arbitration language to your contract.

Some benefits to arbitration:

  • Saves you money by avoiding expensive attorney fees and court costs.
  • Arbitration proceedings are private and decisions of an arbitrator will not appear in public records or on your credit report.
  • Disputes are resolved quickly. Unlike lawsuits which can take years to resolve, arbitration can be concluded in a matter of months.

To read more about Arbitration and how it works, visit our Arbitration Services page.