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    Erica Frazier (Customer Service Manager)
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Access Securepak® is a program designed to allow family members and friends to send packages to inmates and is one of the most comprehensive custom package programs in the correctional industry.

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    Do Not Provide Any Tracking Number!!! No Way to Track Your Package!!!!!

    Posted on 2/16/2017

    This business is not reliable and will not provide a tracking number. They state you
    have to wait 30 day from non-receipt before they will help you find you package.
    I have never heard of such a policy. I guess this is how they do things in MO, backwards state.

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  • 1 Review
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    Posted on 4/13/2014

    I would be careful doing business with Access Securepak. I was trying to place an order today for my son. I had the correct email address and they sent me the password. I apparently have an access code, which I forgot, so I wasn't able to place the order. I don't have a fax, and in order to call them you must have an access code. I wanted my order to arrive in time for Easter. Now what?

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  • 1 Review
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    Posted on 3/18/2014

    Securepak, a company who has seemed to corner the market for DOC in all states. orders are only allowed every quarter, therefore it is of the utmost importance that this company who has contracted with DOC have everything in stock; this is the only place made available to order. While placing an order they were out of briefs, inmates are only allowed 4 pair per quarter, and to be out of them is so unprofessional I wonder who is running this company. I mean how many times do you go to a burger joint to find they have no burgers? They have had this contract for more than 2 years now, how could you be out of briefs? Someone has dropped the ball, and we have no choice but to wait and hope there will be briefs next quarter. I'll bet you if it were their loved one, there would be briefs available. Poor way to run a business.

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