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    4 Park Plaza, Suite 790
    Irvine, CA 92614
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    (866) 228-4887
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    Activus Home Loans on YouTube Activus Home Loans on LinkedIn 
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    Monday - Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm
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    Jon Cordes (President)
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Activus Home Loans offers mortgage loan services, such as; home loans, mortgage refinance and debt consolidation loans.

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    Activus !!

    Posted on 1/12/2018

    My experience with Activus has been beyond impressive. Alika Bautista and his team are very professional, what stood out the most was Alika’s ambition and efficiency to provide me the best customer service! My loan closed in record time; I and my wife were very impressed! THANK YOU ACTIVUS!

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    My wife and I are extremely happy in our experience with Charles Bedell at Activus

    Posted on 1/4/2018

    Initially we were going to get a home equity loan from the bank that held our mortgage (to pay off debts and have some money for discretionary spending). Then a close friend referred me to Charles Bedell at Activus. We were skeptical. It’s difficult to know who to trust in financial services.
    Our first discussion with Charles covered a lot of ground. Charles was well-informed, frank yet polite, and offered possible solutions. He said that the more candid we were with him, the better he would be in a position to help us and he committed to being candid in return. It appeared that our best bet was to refinance our mortgage (which turned out to save us a lot of money rather than obtaining a home equity loan).

    Charles followed up our conversation immediately with an email that requested our financial information necessary to get our loan approved and locked. In the email, Charles also encouraged us to check out Activus’ credentials. Which we did. There were links to reviews for Activus as well as ratings with the Better Business Bureau (A+) and the Business-Consumer Alliance. We checked these out separately from the email just to be sure. Everything with Activus checked out. So we proceeded, albeit cautiously... we still didn’t know Charles very well.

    We felt a connection with Charles from our first conversation. Obviously he works for a commission, but with Charles there’s more to it than that. He never rushed us or tried to push us into anything. He shared his knowledge and did so in a way that we were better informed whether we chose Activus or not. He was honest. At one point, we wanted to take out an extra $10 K but Charles said the way the rates were at that time, it would cost us too much in the long run. (Despite the fact that it might raise his commission). Charles was also available. If he he didn’t answer the phone, he returned our call almost immediately. Oftentimes he would call us before we called him anytime there was a concern. Our loan received funding in the midst of the holidays at the end of 2017 and despite being on vacation, Charles was as available as ever.

    Being in debt creates a terrible stress in life. It puts pressure on your marriage and it feels like there is a very dark cloud constantly over your head. There is also a lot of guilt associated with it. Charles understands this and not once was there any judgment from his end. And though we’re certainly not Charles only clients, it sure felt like we were. The stress of debt and dealing with personal finances in such large amounts is unsettling. But rather than ever giving cause for concern, Charles was the exact opposite. He is, and will continue to be, our champion.

    From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Charles (and Activus),


    Brian and June Johnson 1/4/18

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  • 1 Review
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    A credible performance worthy of praise.

    Posted on 9/27/2017

    I cannot say enough on how well Alika Baustista handled and helped me in refinancing my home. Aside from being very courteous and professional, he was knowledgeable, reassuring, upfront and prompt in updating me and in attending to my concerns during the entire process. As an example; when we encountered a problem on the appraisal he immediately informed me of the problem but assured me that they will contest it until it was corrected to their satisfaction to get the loan approved. He constantly and diligently updated me until the loan got approved. Definitely a FIVE STAR + performance.

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