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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
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Posted on 1/22/2020

Someone tried to open an account in my girlfriend's name, and tried to take money from my account.

I called to get the ADT Security system in my apartment and didn't have the credit so they told me that if I could get someone to qualify I could get it, and the account would stay in my name. Today, I found out that someone tried to open an account in my girlfriend's name and they tried to take 140.00 out my account which they weren't supposed to do. They also told me the account would stay in my name which it didn't, and it's in my girlfriend's name. Therefore, I can't cancel the order she has to do it.

Posted on 6/6/2019

Let customers know the truth so nothing would get out of hand about the payment.

I signed up for ADT Service, and I wasn't treated as a customer. Now when I signed up, I made a down payment for a 100.00 dollars and when the installer(Issac) gets to my residence I was told to pay 38.03 on the balance left, but when the installer (Issac) pulled up my account it's showing 86 dollars and some change and I told the installer to give me a minute and let me call the representative that I talked to yesterday to confirm the amount, and as I called ADT to confirm the amount the installer walks out and left. So that tells me he knew I was right, and when he left I was still waiting to talk to ADT, and they saw the $38.03 on my account and then they explained the $86.00 after the installer leaves, so I didn't get my installation done and the installer(Issac) told a lie, I didn't have a problem paying the $86.00. My problem was that I just was told something different from the time I signed up for service, so as a customer I'm not happy; I did get upset to the point no one told the truth prior to signing up so I was just trying to get confirmation about what I was told as a customer, and that became a problem to me, So ADT needs to be mindful what they tell customers, as they are applying for service, just be honest with the full payment and not partial, so nothing like this would happen again. So as a customer I didn't get my installation done and not being treated as a customer, and no I would not recommend ADT to no one