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44489 Town Center Way #D460
Palm Desert, CA 92260
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(760) 851-0956

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Posted on 1/13/2021

Very knowledgeable

If you could have a good experience with a repossession company... I guess this is as good as it gets. I looked up their address in Palm Desert and it was a PO BOX. I started to get a little anxious and jumped to conclusions when no one answered at noon. I started trying to find information and came across this site which got me more worried. I reached Amy after their lunch hour and she was very calm, courteous and knowledgeable - she explained not everyone gets their cars back and the address isn't given out to protect the banks cars, that's all... makes sense. My finance company later told me the same thing. Honestly they were very friendly at time of my car getting towed (bank mistake) and Amy was extremely helpful in helping me communicate with my finance company. They even had someone stay over a few hours to get me my car before the weekend. I had to get my "police release" and was told by riverside county deputies that these guys were one of the best. Also I was so flustered by all of this I lost my key to my car! I was embarrassed but they were very understanding and made me a key for a couple hundred dollars less than what the dealership wanted. When I arrived at the lot where my car was I was shocked... this is not a regular tow company. There were at least a hundred cars inside and everything was very clean and professional. I don't want to go through it again but it definitely made me realize there are nice people in all types of jobs. Thanks for being kind and helpful and even generous in a stressful situation. I decided to come back here and share my experience in case someone else starts to panic like I did - hope it helps.

Posted on 10/8/2020


What business? Drove to address in Palm Desert...only to find a P.O. Box and no car to pick up. No one picks up the phone, they closed at 3:00pm on Thursday Oct. 8th, 2020, but they were to be open till 5:00pm Took photo of business, it wasn't AE Recovery. Repo guy said they were taking the car to Indio...called all towing places in Indio and no one had a contract to do business with AE towing place said to call the police because all cars that are son just informed me they have the same P.O. Box in Palm Desert..That is now how an honest business is run. I can see what is coming or not.