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This company's business is automobile tires retail.

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    Look for new representation for customers who cannot understand the woman speaking

    Posted on 3/6/2019

    Recently I made AA phone call as a customer calling this my tire company inquiring about Tires for my vehicle. She 1st explain to me that she would look up new tires for Then tell me if they had any tires she would get them within 20 minutes not explaining if they had them in stock. I rephrase my question and said I'm not looking for new tires I'm just looking for used tires And if you had any. She continued to give me the price for the new tires and I are rephrase my question again and she said that's all we have if you don't want that then you can go find something else and hung up on me. I called back again I asked for a manager in the man who answered said that his name was Mr. K he then asked me my name hidden ask me anything he just said all we were telling you is that if you want the tires we can go get them and I asked him if he spoke to his customers who was calling in to spend money to get tires from them And then after I said really this is how you treat your customers and he said yes there's nothing you can do about it, and then hung up on me. Look for new representation for customers who cannot understand the woman speaking, maybe have a plan online for protocols for certain questions from customers, and certainly never hang up on a customer who is willing to give them money for a product(tires) because if I was anyone else id be so furious and go down there and create a disturbance.

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