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Baby Miss America Pageant complaints

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2 complaints against Baby Miss America Pageant closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
1 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
1 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
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2 complaints against Baby Miss America Pageant

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RESPONSE: Agreed to make an adjustment Amount in Dispute: $450.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


I first start working with Baby Miss America about 4 years ago when my daughter was 1. At first everything seemed okay, and although some moms shared similar stories, Ms. Sammie always covered herself by stating they are trolls who look to turn positive things into negativity. The first couple pageants were okay, although I still have yet to receive our take home VIP passes that we had to pay extra for ( and it turned out to be generic name tags with no picture as promised) as well as some picture/advertisement books that again we paid money to have. Recently, Last December my daughter was in another pageant thinking it would be okay because due to covid, everything was online and and submitting everything was easy. We were told the pageant would be live on facebook to show the pictures provided as well as announce the winners. It was a prerecorded video that was taken immediately down, although it was supposed to stay up for people to watch after the fact. Luckily I watched during the and saw my child place first in multiple categories. I never received anything or any recognition for her placing although again, we are expected to pay fees with the thought that we would get something to celebrate our child winning such as a plaque, crown or trophy. Again, Sammie gave the run around about a delay in shipping due to covid, which I understood at the time, yet still nothing. Shortly after the pageant in December, Sammie reached out about myself purchasing masks with my daughter Resolution Sought Give refunds when due, do not make promises you can not keep, provide the product that is promised. And if you lie about delivery time frame, provide refund because product is no longer needed.

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Company Response


In response to #9892842 from Natasha, this complaint is a Personal Attack on my honesty and integrity, not the actual Baby Miss America Pageant. Natasha has never contacted me concerning missing "VIP Passes" or her concern about the Virtual Pageant being accessible online. The Virtual Pageant is, of course, a pre-recorded video because the parents submit videos they have recorded, we combine those videos into an Awards Presentation, referred to as a "LIVE Awards Presentation" because that is when we announce the winners. The Awards Presentation was shown once and taken down, as we have down with all Virtual Pageants. We did not state at any time that the Awards Presentation would remain online for any specific amount of time. Again, Natasha has never contacted me concerning this issue. If Natasha would have taken a moment to contact me concerning her family & friends viewing the Awards Presentation, I could have arranged a Private Showing in a Facebook Room or a Private Zoom Video specifically for her family & friends. We did experience severe issues with delivery from our vendors during the COVID shutdown, including mail delivery. We were not able to recover over 2 dozen packages that were simply lost in the mail. I was in continuous contact with Natasha throughout the process. When we first received Natasha's order, I was expecting a delivery from the mask vendor. That delivery was delayed due to COVID. I am attaching a screenshot of the Facebook messages. It was very difficult to get masks during the COVID shutdown, everything was on backorder. Natasha did order 4 child-size masks, however, we did not receive any acceptable child masks until last month. As you can see from the Facebook messages, she requested that I do not contact her again. How can we resolve any problems if she refuses to communicate? There were issues with deliveries of the Awards for the Virtual Pageant her daughter participated in and I asked for address confirmation and did not receive a response. The Baby Miss America Pageant is a non-profit organization. We have always had a NO REFUND Policy. I apologized several times for the inconvenience of the delay. As I told Natasha in the last message she accepted before blocking me, I stayed in contact with you throughout the COVID shutdown. I sent you EXTRA masks, along with a mouse pad. You did not even acknowledge that you received it. Other packages were sent and we are replacing what was lost in the mail or not delivered. I am very sorry that you refuse to communicate with me and have blocked me. It is impossible to resolve anything without communication. The COVID shutdown caused many problems for many businesses. I am more than willing to replace anything you are missing, however it is IMPOSSIBLE unless you communicate." I believe most problems can be solved through communication. Unfortunately, Natasha does not want to communicate with me to resolve the issue, instead, she chooses to make defamatory, libelous statements accusing me of being a liar. Many businesses experienced the same delivery and mail issues during COVID. We had closed our office due to COVID restrictions, which caused even more problems with locating and tracking packages. Prior to the COVID shutdown, we were working out of New Orleans, San Antonio and Scottsdale. When we shut down, everything was put into storage in those locations. I sent Natasha at least 10 extra masks along with a personalized mouse pad. Natasha did not acknowledge that she received the 10+ extra masks or personalized mouse pad. Natasha's daughter Olivia participated in several pageants and we never had a problem that I was aware of. I have always considered Natasha as a friend, in fact, I still do. She is a friend on my personal Facebook page. I am very sorry this could not be resolved amicably.

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RESPONSE: Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement Amount in Dispute: $700.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


Sammy Savoie took our money ($700) and would not tell me where the baby pageant was going to be at then I drive almost 5 hours to go to the contest in San Antonio Texas and she lets me know after I'm already there the contest has been canceled because she was supposedly in the hospital and did not want to refund my money. However, we are moving on military orders and she has since not wanted to give me money back. She is nothing but a scammer please do not fall for her dirty tricks. She has very much hurt a military family that works hard for there money and has been nothing but disrespectful. Resolution Sought Give me a refund for not going through with her end of the contract as I went through on my part.

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Company Response


Ms. Bulmer submitted the signed Rules & Regulations immediately upon registering her daughter in the pageant. The Rules & Regulations include information about rescheduling. If a contestant cannot attend the pageant on the rescheduled date, they are given an extended time to use all fees paid to participate in the pageant of their choice.

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Customer Rebuttal


We are on military orders and moved. Disrespectful and took a hard working military families money. She is a fraud.

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Company Final Response


I'm standing with my terms and conditions. Customers are aware of how services are through webinar before they sign.

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