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Baby Miss America Pageant complaints

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Our complaint history for this company shows that the one complaint brought to the company’s attention was responded to and given proper consideration.

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1 complaints against Baby Miss America Pageant closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
0 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
1 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
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1 complaints against Baby Miss America Pageant

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RESPONSE: Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement Amount in Dispute: $700.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


Sammy Savoie took our money ($700) and would not tell me where the baby pageant was going to be at then I drive almost 5 hours to go to the contest in San Antonio Texas and she lets me know after I'm already there the contest has been canceled because she was supposedly in the hospital and did not want to refund my money. However, we are moving on military orders and she has since not wanted to give me money back. She is nothing but a scammer please do not fall for her dirty tricks. She has very much hurt a military family that works hard for there money and has been nothing but disrespectful. Resolution Sought Give me a refund for not going through with her end of the contract as I went through on my part.

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Company Response


Ms. Bulmer submitted the signed Rules & Regulations immediately upon registering her daughter in the pageant. The Rules & Regulations include information about rescheduling. If a contestant cannot attend the pageant on the rescheduled date, they are given an extended time to use all fees paid to participate in the pageant of their choice.

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Customer Rebuttal


We are on military orders and moved. Disrespectful and took a hard working military families money. She is a fraud.

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Company Final Response


I'm standing with my terms and conditions. Customers are aware of how services are through webinar before they sign.

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