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This company's business is full service restaurants.

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    Posted on 12/3/2019

    Manager talked to poorly, Treated me poorly and I filed an complaint on their website which she told me she received. After filing complaint once she received it she wrote a written request to my employment when I already had called them and informed them of the issue and how I was treated and handled. She than wrote a false statement to my employer after she received my complaint at their store. When I called the owner he was just as worst. Asked me how did I get his number and told me he don't do business with me and so on. This is unacceptable this restaurant treated me as if they were racists and so. The general manager filed false reports to my employment from a delivery because she didn't want 2 orders coming to her restaurant at once. which is something a driver has no control over. I was handled badly, Treated as if they were racists. The owner told me he will back up his mangers in every situation right or wrong. I am filing a complaint.

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