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    12951 Euclid Street, Suite 101
    Garden Grove, CA 92840
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    (714) 703-1900
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    Kurt Schake (Campus President)
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Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. specializes in healthcare education, offering programs for medical office administration, medical assistant, dental assistant, health information, massage therapy, nursing, pharmacy technician, and more.

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    Posted on 1/28/2015

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ATTENDING CONCORDE CAREER COLLEGE - GARDEN GROVE LOCATION. I went to speak with a counselor today regarding the PTA program. I was assigned to Angela. As I walked to her office she let me know that our conversation would be recorded and asked if I had a problem with that. I said No. She asked me to fill out a quick form which basically was your basic information along with any education and then write a paragraph on why I wanted to be a PTA. She did not take the time out to even look over what I had written but started the conversation out with " We only admit 24 students at a time into our program and we want to make sure you are a fit for the program as well as the school feeling you are good for the community." WTF!!! Then she asked me do I have any experience working in the medical field. I told her my work experience in the medical field (PT Aide and Hospice Aide) and pointed out that I have a PT Aide Certification and have completed all my pre-requisites for community college to get into the PTA program for Cerritos College but wanted to go straight into a program where I am learning PTA right away. She then proceeds to tell me that I need work history in the medical field such as a Medical Assistant. I reinstated that I have a resume which shows that I have experience working in the medical field. Then asked her, If I was interested in your LVN program would I need to have work experience in the medical field? She says NO???WTF!!! Then she tries to tell me you have to have taken some classes like Kineseology. WTF!! I then asked her, Why do they not tell the person on the phone that they needed work experience in the medical field in order to apply for the PTA program? If I had of known that my medical work experience did not qualify I would not have wasted my time coming down here." She then looks at my paper and says , "Oh, you are coming from Chino." My response was "If I was coming around the corner what difference does it make it is the fact that my time was wasted." I then got up from my seat and said Thank you so I could leave and then Angela decides she wants to share a PTA brochure with me. I told here I don't need it I am no longer intererested in attending your school. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SCHOOL. I WISH I HAD READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE I CALLED. On hindsight I wonder if this school has been sued or investigated for racial discrimination because why would Angela point out to me that it depends if I am a "right" fit for the school.

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