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This company's business is a family and general practice physician's office.

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    Unprofessional doctor who should be reported.

    Posted on 8/14/2019

    My husband had an appointment to apply for medical marijuana due to panic attacks, anxiety and depression. He lost his sight suddenly seven years ago and has been struggling ever since. Dr Shoenberger was fixated on blaming me, his wife, for his issues because he did not see a psychiatrist when it happened. My husband had counseling at the Center for Vision Loss for two years weekly and our primary doctor prescribed different medications over the years which didn't help much. For the last seven years he has attended two monthly support groups and we take advantage of activities that are provided for visually impaired. He had the nerve to tell me I did nothing for my husband. After verbally abusing me I told him to forget it. We didn't need him. He became enraged and started yelling at us, nudging my blind husband, who I was leading, in the back out of the examining room. He continued screaming at us in the hallway to "Get out of his office". This was screamed several times as we were leaving in front of other patients and staff. Needless to say we were both devastated that a doctor was so unprofessional and nasty. We came to him for help, not to be berated. This was our first visit. Who is he to judge me not knowing us and our situation?! I have also reported him to the Mission who dispenses medical marijuana in Allentown. Dr Shoenberger should be reported to the medical marijuana board who certifies doctors.

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