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Las Vegas, NV 89193
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Posted on 6/12/2019

I felt like she was being a bully.

My man and I come in at night to play when we get off work, I sometimes play with me or he'll play by himself. I came in to play but forgot dottys ran out of matches. I asked the employee if I could use ER lighter she said she don't smoke ,she has one for sale. That's fine but I had a lighter just not on me. I only brought my cigarette that I purchased last night from the same dottys. I leave to get money off the atm. I come back and go to my man ,of course we're not the same race, she asks me do I know him , I says yes, she says are you sure, I say yes. Now I'm thinking he's cheating on me, then she says I was asking for cigarette when I clearly only asked her to use a lighter, I had my cigarette in my hand. when I was gambling I asked a couple next to me if I can borrow their lighter . I'm not sure what her intentions were ,but I felt like she was being a bully. Honestly my feelings were hurt. Just have a talk with employee and make sure their customer service is excellent. You can see on camera a customer leave after the incident apologizing to me for her mistake.

Posted on 6/3/2019

All customers should be treated equally and fairly!!!

Hi, I have been a customer of Dottie's since 2000. I have spent thousands of dollars buying 1-6 packs of cigarettes, ordering meals and drinks and gambling at Dottie's. I have been told 2 times now , by Cathy and Elena that no matter how many packs of cigarettes or meals or drinks I order, I am not a customer unless I gamble. Well, there are many other small casinos that consider a person who spends thousands of dollars at their business, A CUSTOMER. So if my business is not appreciated, there are many other small casinos that appreciate my business!!!!! Stop treating customers in this manner over a 1/2 cup of candy. I don't always feel like gambling. Money is money, whether it is from gambling, cigarettes or drinks. All customers should be treated equally and fairly!!! This happened in 2 locations. One in Dottie's on Sahara and Ft Apache and one on Charleston and Merialdi. I had to put $100 because your script would not allow $.05 for 1/2 cup of candy. I can see why as it is so ludicrous!!!