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    Mark Johnson
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This company's business is a scam

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    Scam of high levels saying they will get you a "loan for 10000$" meaning $10,000, but, it is a scam. How? Read below.

    Posted on 12/6/2017

    I was called by (415)251-5547, (Mark Johnson) guy with an accent from Western Asia regions, who stated they have a "pre-approved" loan of $10,000 for me, I just needed to call them back. I did. Knowing that my credit is totally jacked up, I had an idea, to get the scammers to ask me to do something for them, which, they did.
    In the attempts at gaining the "$10,000 loan", after they went INTO my fully accessed bank account....User name, password, secret entry phrases and pin number. They saw I had 0.08 cents in the account, nothing for them to take and run. So, they called me back, and stated that "the finance section" is unable to do anything currently and I needed to help them out, so "I" could help them help me.
    Ok, so, I told them ok, what do I need to do. Then, they advised that I need to download a western Union App, to send money online. So, I did. Then, as I was going through the process he became agitated and aggressive to have me go through with the download process, as it was buffering only.
    I checked my account, yes, they actually sent $500 to my account, and then advised me to send them the money "Back". Which at first, he was supposed to be from California, now he advised me to send the money to Grieff Davila in Rochester Minnesota and give him the MTC #, which I did. The MTC 541-839-1552 was placed on hold, and he called back and advised me to CALL Western Union, tell them that Grieff Davila is a long time family friend and it is ok to release the money to them.
    I told him, ok, I will have to call you back. So......I called Western Union advised them I needed to speak to someone in regards to a possible scam in progress. They talked to me, gave me all the assistance I needed then told me to block the guys number, do not talk with him or her any further and they may have police contact me, if that is ok with me. I told them, that would be just fine. And also advised me, that the money that was sent to their services with the MTCN of 541-839-1552 for $500 was being sent back to my bank. So, I checked and then re-set all my access points to my USAA bank account, changed password and other access and then transferred the funds to a safe place, in case law enforcement needed to have the funds placed for any evidence or returned to the "scammers" for lack of evidence. 80 of it I was able to record, per Texas State law on recording.

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