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970 West 190th Street Suite 215
Torrance, CA 90502
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(866) 865-4559


Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

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ESP Marketing

Business responded on 11/18/2020

Thank you for sharing your experience! We're happy to be of service and look forward to many more successful projects together.

Posted on 11/2/2020


BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT USE THIS ENERGY SERVICE PARTNERS (ESP) UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY AND TIME TO BURN AND ARE A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. You may eventually get a working product but you will go through a LONG, HELLISH PROCESS to get there. We signed our contract in October 2019, paid in full in February and are not 100% complete in October 2020, and that is with persistent follow ups. Definitely STEER CLEAR IF YOU LIVE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA because they do not have expert staff up here. You will have to wait an extra long time for technical service. If you do use this company, MAKE SURE YOUR CONTRACT SAYS THAT THEY WILL PROVIDE DOCUMENTED PROOF THAT EVERY COMPONENT IS FULLY OPERATIONAL BEFORE YOU PAY FOR THE INSTALLATION. We naively trusted them and it turned out that their "install" was far from fully functioning, both on the solar panels and battery backup. You can not trust anything they say but need to get digital readouts that show that all panels fully power up and that there are accurate production/consumption readings in the monitoring portal. If you get a battery, also get proof that it charges, discharges, and that all outlets you designate for emergency battery power are working when the power is shut off. IF YOU TAKE THEIR WORD FOR ANY OF THIS WITHOUT PROOF YOU WILL BE SORRY. AVOID GETTING A BATTERY BACKUP FROM THIS COMPANY for your solar array. They lack battery installation and troubleshooting experience, and they will blame the battery like there is no tomorrow if you have problems with your system. One of their more "expert" staff didn't even know you could get a battery readout on the inverter display. And ESP executive management and their lawyer also said the battery was the problem, even though we had to work through many solar failures to even be able to find out there were battery issues. The same manager at one point also said said there was "just a monitoring issue" and I had to take the time to take screenshots and show him that the system was not functioning properly (yes, you will have to do their work). TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND UNPROFESSIONAL ONSITE WORK. First, they failed to put the battery on the permit application which delayed our project from the start. We had to follow up every step of the way because they often do not reply to voicemails or emails, and even when they do they often will not follow through. I was also flat out lied to by the warranty rep that said our battery was working when I had proof it was not. Numerous times service staff came out unprepared, either without proper support staff, equipment or both to fully fix the problems. Twice they left while the system was still rebooting, leaving us to have to review the system and provide evidence that things still were not working. I am only telling you a small fraction of our saga here. Almost exactly a year since signing the contract, ESP has yet to get our battery connected to the all of the requested outlets...

ESP Marketing

Business responded on 11/18/2020

Mike, our customer service team has attempted to reach you about your project but we've been unable to connect. We understand you are upset, and definitely want to make it right, but per our last direct interaction you were happy with the set up of the system. If something has changed since then, we need you to return our calls or email us at