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Posted on 10/16/2020

Unprofessional service with no guarantee!!!!

Unprofessional service with no guarantee!!!! Sunrun solar sold me a system back in June 2020. A third party contractor from Energy Service Partners came out to install 28th July 2020. The two contractors arrived late complaining there company should have put them up in a hotel. They had to access the electrical panel to add the system. They had to move the switches to different locations in the panel in order for the solar to be added. They did not shut the system down 100% they just started moving switches to different locations. Lights and fans and tv was flicking on and off while this happened. The contractors were running from the front to the back of the roof with the solar panels 35 of them. Not sure if the roof will leak were they were running on it till winter. They urinated in my back yard several times. (Very un-professional) My wife saw it and so did I. When I asked about the electrical set up they had little to no information to share. I felt in the dark. They damaged a chimney bending it so there solar panel would fit not sure if it will leak till winter. They also put white putty all over it and it looked perfect before. I actually painted it last year and now it looks terrible. They did not ask me if it was ok to damage the chimney for the solar panel to fit. All day they were complaining about their company not putting them up in a hotel the night before and complaining they were tired over and over again. We noticed right before they were done the water was off. My well pump surged and went out during the moving of the switches. They called there office and the person they spoke to said to have the pump fixed and they would pay for it if it was determined it was there fault. So I did and the pump company came out and fixed and determined it was there fault. They said this would not have happened if the project never happened and moving the circuits could have caused the surge. Service was very un-professional and rushed and the contractors seemed to have very little information when asked any questions. I sent Sunrun and Energy Service Partners a copy of the bill with a letter from the pump company. I got a call back today 10/16/2020 stating they won't pay for the pump repair as they don't feel it's their fault. This is something that would not have happened if they never started. The solar system is still not up and working and we are in our 5th month. Very unsatisfied with the service would not recommend to anyone furthermore I would out right say don't do it!!! Sunrun rep. is alright Energy Service Partners un-satisfactory and un-professional. Also at looking at other reviews this seems to happen over and over again!! Tom Botell

Posted on 10/7/2019

Installer failed to meet with Permit Inspector

The installer failed to meet with the building department inspector which delayed my final connection to the solar. This delay is causing me to make double payments for electricity for two months. This is unacceptable as I was promised that ESP would pay for the delay. They do not keep their promises.