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This company's business is insurance agents, brokers and service.

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    Do not do business with this company.

    Posted on 1/10/2019

    Eventually they will mistreat you. I have been an Erie Customer for 47 years. All those years I was involved in one or two accidents. Only one was my fault and that was before antilock brakes. I had, had only one speeding ticket or moving violation and that was when I was 18 and absolutely no DUI's or other criminal violations. I lost my husband in late 2014 and was going through a very stressful time. Unfortunately I had an accident in January of 2017. As a responsible citizen I admitted fault. Now after all this time Erie has decided that I am no longer a good driver and have hit me with a 20 rate increase. Good customer means nothing to this company. It's obvious this company only wants you if you are perfect. Don't deal with them if this is your first experience with them. No one is perfect. And my record isn't perfect but I am certainly not a bad driver. Obviously they won't take it back. They're only interested in their bottom line. It would be nice if they did but based on my recent experience with them in the past two years I'm pretty sure they're not interested in dealing with the whole-person or whole-driver concept. They're only interested in their bottom line.

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