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Family Time Connections

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200 White Plains Road
Tarrytown, NY 10591
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Wed-Thurs: 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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1 complaints closed in last 3 years.

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Posted on 12/6/2020

Do not honor their own policies

We "purchased" in 2015. We declined the initial 3 offers, but they kept pressuring us to purchase. The head manager even brought us into his office to provide us with information to get out of our actual time share that we use frequently. I was a high risk pregnancy at the time and I was feeling ill. We signed and finally were able to leave. When they took our picture (which I repeatedly said I didn't want to do) I think I smiled only because I knew I was leaving! We got home and the next morning I called and began leaving messages that I wanted to cancel the contract, that I was calling within the prescribed 3 days. Our meeting was on a Friday before a holiday weekend (I believe Memorial Day). I remember stating that it seemed a little unethical having any presentations before a holiday to prevent cancellations, they assured me that we'd still be able to cancel if we chose to do so, despite the holiday weekend. I called the following morning as well as for the next 2 days. Leaving the same message. We would like to cancel our contract, the info that was provided to us, our contract # and who we worked with. When Tuesday rolled around, I called again to make sure everything was cancelled. I was bounced from extension to extension and hung up on every time. I called back and complained about the whole experience. I believe on Wed. Adam, who claimed he was one of the upper managers for the entire company tried to convince us to reduce the terms as a trial and stay on without canceling the contract. I said no. He said, well, can I at least send you the updated terms for you to look at? I said sure. Ill look at it,, but we still wanted to cancel the current contract. He said he understood and would take care of it. He apologized for all the inconveniences and reassured the current contract would be cancelled as we had called to cancel within the 3 day period. Needless to say, I never received anything from them in terms of anything to look at and each time I called afterwards I was told no one was available to help me, and messages were taken. Fast forward, after speaking to collections many times... never using a service we cancelled, Family Time Connections and Monterey Collections have been increasing the balance for 5 years, we've disputed the claims, and we now have to seek legal help to stop these people from their unscrupulous practices and what amounts to harassing and theft.

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Complaints allege misrepresentation failure to fulfill services difficulty obtaining refunds and cancelling plans. Complainants allege they are baited in to attend a 90 minute presentation with offers of gifts like a 40-in TV, free vacations, a new car, or $25 000, which the company ultimately fails to provide. Complaints further allege the company misrepresents that their vacation club program offers drastically discounted vacations, uses high pressure sales tactics and false information to get consumers to pay thousands of dollars to join the club. Complainants are unable to book trips, service representatives are difficult or impossible to reach, accommodations are not as represented, and the company fails to notify consumers of their right to cancel. In some cases the company responds by offering vacation vouchers cancelling memberships or issuing refunds. In a few instances the company explains their offer.

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1 complaints against Family Time Connections closed in last 3 years.
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0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
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0 Refusing to make an adjustment
0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
1 Unanswered

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Family Time Connections provides vacation membership and travel services. We are an authorized distributor for travel club Global Connections, Inc.

Primary Contact: Kathy McCarty (Director of Member Services)
Business Started: 7/15/2013

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This business may be required to be licensed or registered for the services they provide. For licensing or registration information please contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Licensing Division Seller of Travel Program at (800) 435-7352 or

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Comments and Analysis

Vacation club programs typically offer discounts on vacations and require an upfront fee along with maintenance and other fees. While many offers claim significant discounts elaborate accommodations and other travel services consumers have reported that some claims are misrepresented and they don't get what they are sold. Complaints typically allege after paying upfront fees sometimes thousands of dollars they're unable to schedule reservations discounts are not as represented the accommodations aren't as described and consumers have difficulty cancelling the program or receiving refunds. Before deciding to join a vacation club consider the following: If an offer sounds too good to be true it probably is. Some offers are not what they claim to be and discounts touted may not be of value if there are additional undisclosed conditions or hidden fees involved in redeeming the offer. Checking out the business and its principles should be one of the first things you do to identify any complaints or problematic issues. Is the business an established company or have they just recently started business? If it's a new company will they be around long enough for you to utilize the clubs benefits? Take your time and never feel like you have to sign up right away despite what the sales person tells you. The initial purchase can be very expensive so thoroughly evaluating the offers terms cost and guarantees. Go over the contract to make sure you understand your obligations and those of the company. If you don't understand or agree with the terms discuss them with the business and get any revisions in writing prior to signing. Be aware of any cooling off period or rights to cancel as well as local laws regarding vacation clubs.Ask questions such as:1. What is peak season and are there additional fees if you wish to make reservations for that time period? 2. Are there blackout dates? 3. What happens if the hotel or resort is booked or if the company can't provide you with accommodations during a specific time period? Can you get a refund? 4. When will any deposit that may be required be refunded and the conditions? 5. How do the rates compare to other offers made through travel agencies airlines or online outlets? 6. Are there conditions involved if the offer includes free travel? Be especially wary of unsolicited promotions offering extremely discounted travel packages free vacations or free gifts. Look out for companies offering special discounted travel rates but are not actually the provider of the travel service like a cruise line hotel airline or automobile rental agency. Also beware of offers requiring you to provide financial information before the terms of the offer are disclosed. If a sales representative refuses to provide detailed information about the total cost of the offer without you providing financial information don't proceed. Doing so may result in unauthorized charges or open you up to identity theft. If you are contacted by phone with an offer to join a club ask if the caller is registered with the Attorney General's Office as a telephonic seller. Most solicitations by phone require this registration.

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