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    Jerome S. Pittman, M.D. (Medical Director)
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Gentle Circumcision is an out-patient medical specialty practice devoted exclusively to performing circumcisions for all age groups. Our mission is to provide affortable pediatric and adult circumcisions, performed by highly experienced specialists

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    Nicely Done! A+++

    Posted on 5/14/2015

    Nicely Done! A+++

    My son was initially referred to a urologist by our local pediatrician because he was unable to be circumcised at birth. Now that he was older, it was time. Unfortunately, general anesthesia is often used during circumcisions that are done on older children. This is usually due to parent requests, surgeon comfort level, and lack of a special team of people who handle small children on a daily basis. As an anesthesia provider myself, I feel this is an unnecessary step that only adds risk to the patient. The risk of aspiration, airway management, and adverse drug reactions could be far more severe than the risk of the surgery itself.

    Circumcisions can be easily performed under a local anesthetic, and the technique to provide the local anesthetic is relatively safe, easy and effective, and can be done with about the same amount of discomfort as getting a vaccination. The sedative given prior to the procedure, along with the supportiveness of the staff, help make the pain of injection very tolerable. This is why I sought out a place that performed circumcisions under local anesthesia. "Gentle Circumcision" not only fit the profile, but they provide hundreds, if not thousands, of circumcisions a year. I wanted a surgeon and a location that specialized!!!

    The biggest challenge is the child/doctor dynamic. Most children do not like doctors, and therefore cry and get upset even at the sight of a physician. This does not mean that they are hurting, it only means they are fearful. The team and Surgeon at Gentle Circumcision know how to handle kids, and these fears. My son was very scared and wouldn't even let the doctor examine him. Cindy, one of the Gentle Circumcision Team, immediately recognized this and was extremely helpful with my son. She treated him like he was a person and not just a number. The special attention was noted, and my son commented later how she allowed him to watch cartoons on Netflix while he was having his circumcision. Cindy continually updated me while I was in the waiting room on his progress. That was also a nice touch, as I can say that I was probably just as nervous as my son!

    So there you have it. It can be hard to get a feel of a place from online comments and forums. I can be honest and say that I was skeptical reading some of the comments posted by others. I can only hope that my posting will help clarify uncertainties and calm fears. Gentle circumcision and the staff there get my deepest appreciation. Thank you!!!

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